Rinsed at Antibody Club with Jacques Greene

  • Rinsed launches a promising new online club space called Club Antibody where you can do "digital drugs" and, for the first night, listen to the smooth and funky strains of Jacques Greene.
  • We've missed you. We miss sweating in lofts and basements with you, mixing aerosolized breath. Asking you for lighters, sneaking you in through the side door, holding the yacht for you while your laggard friends run across the west side highway. It's been ages and it's time we reconnect. As we enter 'late quar' and 'poliscifi hell' we also begin a new experiment for estranged night people. We're thrilled to invite you to the official launch of 'Antibody Club,' an online nightclub by RINSED. -- What happens when you breed capitalism with a naked cowboy? What happens when Lamar, J.C. Decaux, and Time Warner pursue in vitro fertilization after fu¢king for years without conception? Enter: Times Square, 2020 A.D. Universally loathed and inaccessible, there is no place more appropriate for subversion into a digital utopia for debauchery. It is here where Antibody Club begins its tenure. Inside, you can: ▪ Listen to live music under the influence of digital substances. ▪ Experience interactive art (also better on digital drugs). ▪ Talk to people you like, walk away from people you don’t. ▪ Potentially plan an affair. ▪ Access and consume propaganda. Welcome to Antibody Club. May it live fast and die young.
  • Rinsed at Antibody Club with Jacques Greene - Flyer front