Deurmat Festival

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    Yori Swart, Wies en de liefde, Collectief explosief, Sterre Weldring, Nathan Zola, Wieb Zigtema, Herr Alt
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  • Stroll through our building and enjoy live music in different rooms of Victorie! During the Deurmat Festival you walk, completely corona proof, through Victorie and enjoy the musical arts of the best local artists per room. This will take you to places in our building that you have not known until now. All artists have one thing in common; they all participated in our Victory Doormat sessions. During the lockdown this spring, we came up with the Doormat sessions, where we visited local artists to have them play a song on their doormat. In this way, Victorie created a stage for them in a time when live performances were not allowed and we gave them a helping hand. It was a weekly item on our socials and because it turned out to be so successful, we have started a new series of Doormat sessions since October 17th. And now there is also a real festival of this beautiful item!
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