Seated Sunday: Shyboi

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 The artist and Discwoman affiliate shows us a different side with her listening-style selections tonight. We ask that all attendees remain seated at their tables throughout. If you need to get up to use the bathroom or go for a smoke please remember to put your mask on. Diner By The Izakaya will be serving food and you can check our full menu at The purchase of food with drink orders is also required under New York State guidelines. → → SAFETY DURING OUR LIMITED REOPENING ← ← In addition to our safer safe policy, which states zero tolerance for violence, leering and racist, homophobic, transphobic and sexist or other discriminatory language, we’re also instituting new safety protocols for our indoor opening that strictly adhere to all city guidelines and recommendations from the CDC. Both new and existing policies will be strictly enforced. ☻ Capacity will be kept below 25% and all tables and seats will all be arranged at least six feet apart. ☻ Our four ac units have been fitted with merv-13 filters so they act like giant air purifiers that continually circulate inside and outside air and filter in both directions. ☻ All of our staff will be wearing personal protective equipment at all times with temperature checking before their shifts. ☻ To minimize movement around the space guests will be served at their tables only and not from the bar. ☻ Every guest who comes inside will have their temperature checked and a contact tracing form completed before they are seated. ☻ Face coverings for guests will be required at all times unless they are seated with their party. ☻ Hand sanitizer will be readily available at each table. ☻ Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected every thirty minutes and all tables will be cleaned and disinfected before a new party is seated. ☻ To eliminate the risk of crowding outside the space, a reservation will be required for admission and reservation arrival times will be staggered. As always, if you hear, see or feel anything that makes you uncomfortable, please let us know. All of our hosts, servers, bartenders and managers can help you. → → HOW TICKETS WORK ← ← Due to restrictions on our capacity, our space is extremely limited each night with only six tables available on the dance floor. We have space available for two groups of four, two groups of six and two groups of eight. Arrival between 8.30pm and 9pm is required with the purchase of these tickets. Unfortunately, at this time it isn't possible for us to accommodate groups of less than four for dance floor seating. Please select the ticket type that corresponds with your group size. If all of these tickets sell out, search for Nowadays on Resy for alternate seating. It's not possible to reserve tables on the dance floor during DJ sets through Resy but reservations for the rest of the space are open through that app. Weather permitting, select seating in our outdoor space will also be open and the music from indoors will be played outside. Thank you, have fun, and be safe!
  • Seated Sunday: Shyboi - Flyer front
    Seated Sunday: Shyboi - Flyer back