19xx 东湖舞厅 - 11.13 Fri.

  • Venue
    X Bar
    • No.7, Donghu Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu / 东湖路7号, 近淮海中路
  • Date
    Fri, 13 Nov 2020
    20:00 - 03:00
  • Attending
    • 0
  • 19XX 东湖舞厅 #1920 The style of the Republic of China When it comes to the customs of the early times of Republic of China, western music genres such as jazz were introduced into Shanghai’s singing and dancing venues. It collided with traditional Chinese folk music and created a new wave of music, gradually forming the sound of that era. Meanwhile people have been influenced by both the Qing Dynasty and Western culture for fashion. Abandoning the complicated costumes of the past in an attempt to express the beauty of the human body through Western tailoring, men’s clothing gradually transitioned from robes and jackets to suits, while women’s clothing became increasingly more decadent. ///1970 disco wave Originating in France in the 1960s, disco was introduced to the United States in the mid-1960s and became popular in the early 1970s. Gradually developing into a nationwide phenomenon in the US, it soon became popular worldwide in the mid-1970s. Fashion designers Betsey Johnson and Norma Kamali designed the iconic stretch jeans, shorts and tights. Disco was casual: put on your pair of flared pants, burn a wave head, put on a pair of toad mirrors - you’d be dancing at will with the psychedelic lights released by the spinning of disco ball in no time. /// 19XX年 #东湖舞厅 Aka X bar "Everything in the past will be a new beginning. Retro will become the new future." On November 13, 19XX, Donghu Ballroom will officially open! Break free from the shackles of time and space, of modern and retro. When the customs of the Republic of China met the rhythms of disco, time and space flowed inadvertently in the " Donghu Ballroom ". We now welcome you into that unknown time and space, use your imagination, boldly dress as an existence that belongs exclusively to that time and space. Dress Code: 20s China / 70s disco Line Up: Ben Huang
  • 19xx 东湖舞厅 - 11.13 Fri. - Flyer front