Foundations with DJ Fu & Lovely

  • Venue
    宀 Club
    • 4F, 279 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • Date
    Sat, 28 Nov 2020
    21:00 - 02:00
  • Attending
    • 2
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    DJ Fu, Lovely
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  • 宀團隊十分高興宣佈全新的「Foundations」派對系列,由DJ Fu及 Lovely主理的「Foundations」,旨在探索英國跳舞文化根源,包括 Jungle、Drum & Bass、UK Garage、Grime等等影響著英國跳舞音樂的一切一切。 成長於倫敦, Fu及Lovely均與當地地下音樂多年來的演進變化一起成長,二十年時間洗禮,讓二人均擁有豐富的英國跳舞知識。由非法電台到隱蔽的非法Rave派對,Fu和Lovely算是老馬識途。 DJ Fu Fu起初接觸音樂,源起於當時Hip Hop和Jungle音樂這兩種當時得令的音樂,其中Brixton的Dekefex派對為其中核心推手。 說來有趣,Fu參與這些派對原意是為了Hip Hop音樂,但結果發現自己停留在 Jungle派對場內,Jungle音樂強大能量讓他大為驚人,受到啟發想成為DJ,他每天放學便到超市當起兼職買打碟器材,之後便著日夜鑽研DJ的生活。 在本地 DJ比賽奪得大獎後,他被邀在倫敦 Elektricity表演,因而結織了 Jungle Drummer,二人後來伙拍一起在打鼓/打碟表演,分別在One Nation、Global Gathering、Warehouse Project、Glastonbury等等大型派對同台演出。 最近Fu勤於製作,分別推出「Borders」及在Guidance旗下與Lovely合作的「Deja Vu」。在 Lovely幫助下Fu開始著手他的個人製作,相信在不久日子作品便會面世。 DJ Lovely Lovely求學時期已接觸 UK garage音樂,與同學們分享他的卡式帶收藏,不久他接觸到更新穎的英國之音— Grime。開始學習DJ前,他早已活躍在當地電台,後來更成為倫敦兩個非法電台的主持人。 經過非法電台,他很快便進入倫敦rave派對界,他是當地 Drum & Bass音樂大推手,在Fabric、The End、Cargo均有相關演出。他深深受到派對文化影響,開始DJ生涯,更製作起Drum & Bass歌曲。2020年,Lovely與Ulterior Motive (Metalheadz / Guidance) 合作之餘,另發行兩首上榜EP,炙手可熱的Lovely新製作即將面世,看來他的名字還會在榜上逗留一段長時間。 The 宀 team is very excited to introduce “Foundations”. A new series of events especially prepared by DJ Fu and Lovely, that looks to explore some of the fundamental sound from UK dance music culture; Jungle, Drum & Bass, UK Garage and Grime, past and present, that has shaped their taste in music. Having grown up in London, Fu & Lovely have had an upbringing alongside many of the UK's key underground movements. Their combined knowledge of UK music has been built up over 20 years of living amongst it. From broadcasting on pirate radio to climbing through holes in fences to play at illegal raves, Fu and Lovely know the deal. DJ Fu Fu's introduction to music was through Hip Hop and Jungle at a time where both scenes were converging in the UK pioneered by nights such as Dekefex in Brixton. Fu originally went to these events for Hip Hop but would end up in the Jungle room and was blown away by the energy and vibe. Saving up for a set of decks by stacking shelves at a supermarket after school, Fu practised DJing day in, day out. After winning a DJ competition for a local event, he was given the opportunity to play after London Elektricity where he met Jungle drummer. Fu and Jungle would end up collaborating on a DJ and Drummer show that landed them prime time slots at the biggest raves including One Nation, Global Gathering, Warehouse Project and Glastonbury. Currently Fu has been working on production, having released Borders and Deja Vu with Lovely on Guidance. Under Lovely's wing Fu has also been working on his own solo tunes and it's only a matter of time until you start seeing these getting released. DJ Lovely Lovely started listening to UK garage at school sharing tapes with his classmates. It wasn't long after that a new sound emerged and captured his attention, something that the world had never been heard before: Grime. He immersed himself in the scene by listening to the pioneers on radio before learning to DJ and later becoming a resident on two pirate radio stations in London. This led Lovely to go out to the thriving rave scene in London. Soon enough he encountered Drum & Bass music, primarily from weekly club events at Fabric, The End & Cargo. He was once again captivated and began to fully immerse himself in the culture and started DJing and producing drum & bass. Fast forward to 2020 and he is currently working with Ulterior Motive (Metalheadz/Guidance) and has released two chart topping EPs that shot him straight into the limelight. With another highly anticipated release around the corner, Lovely is here for a good time AND a long time.
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