Entropy x House of Ho with Nanogram, Yadin Moha & Mr. Ho

  • Venue
    宀 Club
    • 4F, 279 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • Date
    Fri, 27 Nov 2020
    21:00 - 02:00
  • Attending
    • 3
  • 通過Entropy熵派對,Nanogram為香港的聽眾發掘不少鮮為人知的音樂人,包括英國的Manny Dee、東京的 C-Key和台灣的Waves Of Doppler。十一月的Entropy熵由會交由Nanogram本尊全權負責。Nanogram生於香港,在成長地美國紐約受到電子音樂啓發。首次親身觀賞到德國經典四人電子組合Kraftwerk現場,受到其Techno底蘊沖擊,因而愛上Techno的Nanogram,Techno只是一個開端,由九十年代Rave Music、Acid、Post-Punk、New Wave和到工業Techno均是他的喜愛的類型。 Nanogram活躍於各亞洲地下Club和派對,曾與Mr. Ho、BNJMN、C-Kay、Haruka等等同場演出。 Yadin Moha 是製造跳舞音樂的高手。聽著他的演出,有時人們會跳舞,有時人們會用奇異目光注視著他。他最喜歡的廠牌有Mannequin、Discos Capablanca、Les Syndicat Des Scorpions、Mmodemm、Barba等,以旗下唱片打出曲風百變的Spooky noise、Wonky disco、Voguey House、 B-boy Electro和Loose-limbed Techno。如果這些調子合你心意,那很可能你會忘形跳舞,而非凝視。在移居香港之前,他乃是新加坡大名鼎鼎的Headquarters駐場DJ,他的出期不意音樂口味令他成為Black Merlin和Intergalactic Gary相似風格之DJ的最佳暖場人選。 現居香港,他現時是本地工業/EBM/Techno派對組識Entropy 熵成員之一,另外他亦營運另類電子音樂混音系列「RADIO HURUHARA」。 Mr. Ho已十五年的DJ生涯,早年在柏林的Ohm發跡,近年回到香港。Mr. Ho 展現充滿活力的風格,由House、Techno、Disco、Electronica以致各種新興的跳舞風格,都手到拿來。Mr. Ho不論在親密的細場地或是大型的場面如巴塞隆拿Sonar,均應付自如。 2015年Mr. Ho聯同Luca Lozano於自家廠牌Klasse Recordings推出個人作品,亦於Crème Organization旗下發行了一張廣獲好評的EP,後來分別在ESP Institute、Clone Jack for Daze、Neubau和再於Klasse Recordings推出個人製作。自2018年開始Mr. Ho成為香港小型夜店宀的常駐DJ,每月都有屬於他的派對「House of Ho」。 Nanogram was born in Hong Kong but grew up in New York, where he experienced the deeper end of electronic music. His first ever concert experience was a 4-man electronic music from Germany, called Kraftwerk, which has since set the foundation of his taste in techno music. He does not stop at Techno, but is also known to craft great sets incorporating 90s rave, acid, post-punk, new wave and industrial techno. He has been playing regularly in the main underground clubs around Asia and sharing the decks with respected artists such as Mr. Ho, BNJMN, C-Kay, Haruka among others. Yadin plays a jumble of spooky noise, wonky disco, voguey house, b-boy electro and loose-limbed techno from his favourite labels like Osare!, Discos Capablanca, Atrophy and more so if these words sound interesting to you there is a good chance that you will dance rather than stare. While living in Singapore, he co-ran the notoriously decadent after-hours series Breakfast Club and later held a residency at Headquarters - where his off-kilter selections made him an ideal supporting act for visiting DJs like Black Merlin and Intergalactic Gary. Currently based in Hong Kong, he is now a resident of 宀 and their flagship industrial/ebm/techno night - Entropy 熵. He also co-runs RADIO HURUHARA, a mix series focused on the stranger side of electronic music. Mr. Ho has been collecting music and DJing in clubs over the past 15 years with some remarked parties organised at Ohm in Berlin, and now for our great pleasure that he is back in Hong Kong. Mr. Ho entertains crowds with his energetic and eclectic sets that are rooted in House, Techno, Disco, Electronica and all their wonderful sub genres from all over the world. Mr. Ho is equally comfortable playing in small intimate venues, as to larger audiences during major festivals such as Sonar in Barcelona. In 2015, Mr. Ho ventured out from only releasing records on Klasse Recordings and, together with Lozano, brought out a well received EP on cult imprint Creme Organization. The record's enthusiastic reception from DJs and tastemakers has led Mr. Ho brought out more tunes on ESP Institute, Clone Jack for Daze series, Neubau, as well as on his own Klasse Recordings. Since 2018, Mr. Ho has been showcasing his skills at the boutique 宀 Club in Hong Kong, establishing a residency "House of Ho" every month.
  • Entropy x House of Ho with Nanogram, Yadin Moha & Mr. Ho - Flyer front
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