Deus Temple with Ben Klock, Nene H, Kwartz b2b Leiras, Darwin, Fadi Mohem & More

  • Ever feel like living in a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma? But’s the key! Let’s create certainty in uncertain times. Ready to resist and dance? >>> Funktion One sound and lighting system accurately designed for the occasion among two stages. A daylong event of techno, electro, breakbeat, UK bass, and experimental electronic music. Attention: the event contains large numbers of original acts, which may unpredictably bring you into ecstatic states. >>> IMPORTANT: To create an enjoyable safe experience with good vibes for everyone, we worked on a hygiene plan proofed by the Gesundheitsamt. In accordance with the requirements of the SARS-CoV-2 infection protection ordinance, documentation of presence must be collected. Be responsible for yourself and the people around you, and follow some simple rules. If you are not feeling well, show flu or Covid-19 symptoms, please stay at home. For safety reasons, the temperature of each attendee will be checked at the entrance. If there are indications of fever, the entry will be refused, and the ticket will be refunded. Due to safety reasons, the number of guests is limited. Remember: - arrive wearing your mask, covering your mouth and nose constantly; - wear it at all times when not seated; - ensure that a safe distance of 1.5 m between you and other persons is maintained, also in front of the bar or while standing in the toilette row. We encourage generous use of the various hand disinfection stations located at the entrance and selected areas within the event regularly. The event wants to build a safer happy-space where inclusivity and uniqueness are celebrated, open to everybody regardless of gender, sexuality, race, (dis)ability, age or body type. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, please let the awareness team/promoters/bouncers/bar staff know. No photos or videos allowed! We are a community! Take care of yourself, look out for others, drink enough water and have fun respecting everyone's safety. Worried about capricious weather conditions? You don't have to! The event, which takes place in the outdoor area of Ex Deus Temple, it's weatherproof with 600qm covered terrace plus a festival tent for the other stage. There will also be some heaters and fire barrels to keep you warm during the final hours.
  • Deus Temple with Ben Klock, Nene H, Kwartz b2b Leiras, Darwin, Fadi Mohem & More - Flyer front
    Deus Temple with Ben Klock, Nene H, Kwartz b2b Leiras, Darwin, Fadi Mohem & More - Flyer back