[CANCELLED] Musical Medicine Feat. Eliza Rose

  • Without throwing up with excitement, we are super happy to announce our return to our home, The Bullingdon. Our first Oxford show after lockdown will feature an absolute favourite of ours, the incredible: Eliza Rose. This show will be a little bit different from the sweaty, heady miasma we usually produce: please read the following information VERY carefully... - This is event is SEATED throughout, you are not allowed to mingle or dance away from your table. Please be respectful of the situation we are in and behave accordingly. You will be removed from the venue if not. - There are TWO sittings. 15.00-18.00 and 18.30-21.30. Make sure you book your ticket for the correct event. - All tickets are bought as complete tables of 6, there are no individual tickets so please make sure you consider this before purchasing.
  • [CANCELLED] Musical Medicine Feat. Eliza Rose - Flyer front