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    Acierate (synoid, revier südost) Clara Cuvé (r-label group) DJ Hyperdrive (crude) Héctor Oaks pres. DJKAOS11 (oaks, kaos) Kobosil (r-label group) Nur Jaber (osf) Tham (synoid, lebendig, revier südost) In order to avoid uneccesary queuing in front of the venue and protect everyone's health this edition will see a pre-sale on RA with clear boarding times to arrive at the venue and enter. Pre-sale starts Friday, 23rd of October.
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  • Within old rituals music, both dancing and intoxicants embodied trance-inducing techniques, used to rid oneself of inhibitions and social constraints. A sort of manumission that did not only set free one's individuality, yet also allowed oneself to return to a natural and pure state. Find yourself in the realm of SYNOID. PRESALE ONLY! PRESALE TBA! No photos or videos allowed! Important Corona instructions: • In accordance with the requirements of the SARS-CoV-2 infection protection ordinance, we must keep documentation of presence. Access is only possible with prior online registration at http://enter.reviersuedost.de Please have your access-qr-code with you. • On our entire grounds it is compulsory to wear a mouth-nose cover (MNC). The MNC may only be taken off at all designated seating areas next to the dancefloor. • Without MNC, a maximum of 6 people may be seated at one seating area. • Please wash and disinfect your hands regularly at our hygiene stations. • We all love to meet friends, but please keep physical contact to a minimum. MORE INFO ON OUR COVID-19 INSTRUCTIONS ON OUR WEBSITE: HTTPS://GRIESSMUEHLE.DE/CORONA
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