Charivari Worldwide Sweet Sixteen Virtual Festival

  • Get prepared to #letyourselfgo in the second, all-digital experience from the comfort of your own home. Charivari Detroit Sweet Sixteen Virtual Festival. We will use online and select in-person social distanced events through out the remainder of 2020 and into 2021 to raise money and awareness for the August 2021 Charivari Detroit Music Festival. We thank you for your support and interest. Your donations and purchase of gear is how we keep the festival presentation FREE to all. This year with respect to everyone’s safety during the Pandemic, Charivari Detroit Music Festival 2020 was cancelled as an in-person event. While we didn't host the event downtown Detroit this summer, everyone still experienced live DJs and the fun you love in a virtual journey of Detroit party culture from July 31st thru the 14th. Charivari Detroit Sweet Sixteen Virtual Festival from October 16th thru October 31, 2020 will celebrate the music with an incredible lineup of Djs and with the Mixcloud and Twitch online platforms stream directly to our audience and the world. Charivari Detroit is first and foremost a celebration of the City of Detroit and it’s contributions to electronic dance music. Techno is a Detroit creation and Detroit is flush with the pioneers and present day masters of the genre as well many of the most talented and respected DJ/producers of House music. The Charivari Worldwide initiative is our full effort at expanding awareness across the globe. The Charivari Detroit Music Festival intends to spread the electronic music gospel across the world thru the festival stream and branded gear. Charivari Worldwide Sweet Sixteen will be an incredible assembly of worldwide DJ talent over sixteen days, 128 DJs, 24 hours daily!
  • Charivari Worldwide Sweet Sixteen Virtual Festival - Flyer front
    Charivari Worldwide Sweet Sixteen Virtual Festival - Flyer back