No Bounds 2020 Virtual 3D at Kelham Island

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    Opening Concert Rebecca Salvadori Film Premier - Different Beginnings Friday 18.00 - 18.21 Rian Treanor Friday 18.30 - 19.00 Mica (Algorave ) ft Alex McLean, Iris Saladino, Munshkr, CNDSD Friday 19.15 - 20.15 Mark Fell Friday 20.45 - 21.45 Separate ticket purchased from the SAVE HOPE WORKS Crowdfunder. Pt1 Northern Gravy(UK) Saturday 12.00 - 12.30 Inclusion principle(UK) Saturday 12.35 - 13.05 Joe Muggs(UK) Saturday 13.05 - 13.15 POWER OUT(UK) Saturday 13.15 - 13.35 Pt2 Lo Shea(UK) Saturday 14.00 - 14.10 Phatworld(UK) Saturday 14.10 - 14.25 Nyege Nyege Showcase ft Duma, DJ Diaki, Don Zilla, Turakana, Chrisman and Makossiri Saturday 14.25 - 16.25 Pt3 Electric Indigo(AT) Saturday 16.50 - 17.09 Rojin Sharafi(IT/AT) Saturday 17.10 - 17.30 Nicolas Bougaïeff x Professor Chill x Chris Mann(DE/UK) Saturday 17.30 - 17.50 Annie Hall(SP) Saturday 18.00 - 18.10 96 Back(UK) Saturday 18.10 - 19.10 Pt4 Anna Zaradny(PL) Saturday 19.40 - 20.10 Space Afrika(UK) Saturday 20.10 - 20.45 Diessa(UK) Saturday 20.45 - 21.00 The Black Dog(UK) Saturday 21.00 - 21.40 Luca Lozano + Dj Steve Present Sunrise Sound Machine(UK) Saturday 21.40 - 21.57
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  • No Bounds 2020 Virtual 3D. A Hybrid COVID response. Broadcast from Sheffield Industrial Museum in Virtual 3D with a live audience of 24 people. We are responding to the new reality we’ve been living through by using space in a different way, working to create virtual experiences that are engaging, thought-provoking, immersive and using large spaces for very few people. The core of the festival is an exploration of 3D sound using Huddersfield University's 24:8 sound system - thats 24 speakers arranged to surround the audience who will be in the middle of the room! This will be in the Upper Gallery of Kelham Island Museum. We’ve invited a host of incredible artists to create work especially for this system as an artistic response. From Mark Fell’s remote audience participatory installation to Rian Treanor's work with 10-11 year old kids to create networked collaborative music to Space Afrika interpreting their new album for 3DM, 96 Back performing a new bespoke 1hr piece live, The Black Dog are on board with a new AV commission and a hugely special collaboration with Uganda's Nyege Nyege Festival to bring 6 incredible artists from all over Sub Saharan Africa to perform on the 3D system. Add a multi-continental live coding exploration in networking broadcast binaural sound and it’s a varied and exciting collection of work presented in a completely one-off way in the main hall of Kelham Island Museum. We will be broadcasting the performances in binaural/ambisonic (Virtual 3D) sound so as an audience member at home you can also experience the immersive 3D sonic sound installations, virtually, for FREE. For those who would like to experience this in its full glory, we are selling a VERY limited selection of tickets. There are only 24 places available for each performance. *️⃣The ticket to the Opening Concert ft Mark Fell, Rian Treanor and Mica ( Algorave ) ft Alex McLean, Iris Saladino, Munshkr, CNDSD is available through the SAVE HOPE WORKS Crowdfunder page here -*️⃣ 24 places, 24 speakers surround in the moment with us! Please note we will message you after your purchase to give you the full rundown of COVID measures. You will be filmed as this performance will broadcast live & you need to wear a mask at all times on site. You will need to arrive at a specific time for your performance and leave at a specific time. Please download the Track and Trace APP as you will need to scan the venue QR Code on Arrival. Thank YOU! We are doing this together despite the circumstances:)
  • No Bounds 2020 Virtual 3D at Kelham Island - Flyer front
    No Bounds 2020 Virtual 3D at Kelham Island - Flyer back