Signals Festival 2020

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    Signals Festival 2020 > Future Perspectives on Film & Music Making Join our community of emerging and established creators for live performances, installations, screenings, workshops and dialogues on future perspectives of the film & music industries. Taking place at Berlin's infamous Funkhaus, we invite a limited audience to join us onsite and a wide audience to tune in online. /// Live Performances Performing & streaming live from the Funkhaus, we present an eclectic selection of musical talent... Alys b2b Cocktail Party Effect, Doron Sadja, GOZI, Jabrome, Jammin Unit, Malina Malina, Mizuki Ishikawa & WeiKang Beh, Pablo Diserens, Samaquias Lorta, Stina Francina, Tight Flowr, The Metamorphosis Project /// Installations Presenting site-specific, immersive audiovisual installations... Dry Agency present "BIOMIMIKRY" Henri Falk presents "> 20 kHz" Robin Koek presents "The Networked Wind Organ" The Rasa present "Biowar" Vito Willems, Tamás Marquetant and Robin Koek present "Fragile Ecologies" /// Film Screenings Telling stories from a diverse range of voices, genres and styles as well as a special feature of filmmaking during covid-19 lockdown... +programme TBA /// Dialogues Open and in depth conversations on the trends, issues and challenges that creators face… >> Signals Dialogue /// Impact of design in music making (in collaboration with Ableton and Amplify Berlin) >> Signals Dialogue /// How social bias is infiltrating new media >> Where is the pandemic taking the music industry? (in collaboration with Music Pool Berlin) >> Building an inclusive music scene (in collaboration with GSBTB Open Music Lab) /// Workshops Bringing together our own and our partner educators for specialist collaborative masterclasses... "Intimacy on set" w/ Julia Effertz "Workflow troubleshooting" w/ Isabassi (Dry Agency) "Beyond looping" w/ Vaclav Pelousek (Bastl Instruments) "Off-centre" introduction to real-time and interactive 3D w/ Paulina Greta (SUROGAAT)
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  • /// Considering COVID Signals Festival will be a limited-capacity live event that will also be live streamed. We will adapt as appropriate to changing regulations and put in place best health practices that meet our communities’ needs and expectations. /// Tickets To join us onsite, please head to our website to register for one of our limited onsite tickets: /// About Exploring art and technology, Signals Festival is an annual showcase of Catalyst Music and Catalyst Film & Acting's creative, diverse communities. Our aim is to inspire and build new relationships with our peers, fans, colleagues and friends. Come join us! Artwork by Diego Sanjuan Villanueva
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