SHOXXXBOXXX Live Dream #07 - Kitty Solaris

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    Kitty Solaris
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  • Online Live Streaming! We invite artists into our special-made dreamy box and you watch live what they perform there. 100% DIY live streaming project from Berlin! #07 features: Kitty Solaris Kitty Solaris is cool and direct, soft, sincere, underground and disco. And yes, all of it. She knows the best roads through the city and through its people. She started writing songs in her kitchen leading to no less than six albums. Kitty Solaris follows her heroes – Velvet Underground, Cat Power, and Patti Smith – but in a way that is all her own, combining various styles and both analogue and electronic sounds. Her music rings out to disco beats of the 70’s, keys from the 80’s, and rock vibrations from the 90’s. Which means that the music has its very own kind of singer-songwriter style to it. Kitty Solaris’s voice is soft but with a strong core that leads listeners straight to her verbal everyday pictures. She’s offering a universe to move to and move through with existential themes and feelings we can all relate to. She just released her new album "Sunglasses" (Solaris Empire/Broken Silence) on 18.9.2020!!! More about the artist: Watch some YouTube videos of Kitty Solaris: : : : : : : : Streaming on our FACEBOOK & YouTube: : : : : : : : More about SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM: Watch our past shows: #01 Neoangin aka Jim Avignon: #02 PC Nackt: #03 Josa Peit, Jan Brauer, Kai Sievers: #04 Paranoia Godard: #05 Harmony Molina: #06 Señor Depressivo: : : : : : : : Wir bitten Euch um kleine Spende via Paypal, um dieses Projekt weiter zu führen und für die aufgetretene Künstler zu zahlen. Vielen Dank fürs Zuschauen! We will kindly ask the viewer for a donation via Paypal in order to be able to continue this project and pay for the performed artists. Thanks for watching our streaming! Address: [email protected] Or direct link to PayPal: : : : : : : : SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM is: created by Johannes Marx (Pitchtuner, MARX, MARX Instruments) & SHOXXX Live streaming from Atelier SHOXXXBOXXX in Berlin-Friedrichshain.
  • SHOXXXBOXXX Live Dream #07 - Kitty Solaris - Flyer front
    SHOXXXBOXXX Live Dream #07 - Kitty Solaris - Flyer back