Madatac/Raster Night

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  • .Byetone, alter ego of Olaf Bender, who deals with the management of the Berlin label Raster, explores the shortage of microscopic tones and low subtones, manipulating the high and low ends of the sound to build a frequently recognizable frame of reference in the dub, techno and / or hip hop. His style identifies him by the effort to take the borders of his art towards new directions. On this occasion, Byetone brings to Madrid "Impact Factor", the new and unprecedented live set that will premiere in Spain at MADATAC, in which he will combine new visuals based exclusively on laser light, for the pleasure of the lovers of the most advanced electronic A/V performance. .Iury Lech is a multidisciplinary artist that during the late 1970’s and 80’s rose as a pioneer within a moment focussed on electronically generated audio and visual media. Drawing on the ground gained by Minimalist pioneers like Steve Reich, Terry Riley or Jon Hassell - built from repetitive rhythm and sheets of rippling resonance, drone, and ambience- Lech’s two first works of that period, ‘Otra Rumorosa Superficie’ and the seminal album "Música para el fin de los cantos", one of the most sought after reissues of recent years. Iury Lech will present his last live set AV performance "Ontonanology", a cinematic voyage into the music for thought and the manipulation of sound on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. Before the start of the concerts, a colloquium will be established with the artists about their music and the way they work on their sounds and images, in addition to sharing with the public the functions of their equipment, who will also have the opportunity to ask the artists requests and questions. The meeting will be moderated by Elena Gómez, Director of Radio 1 (RNE) and conductor of the radio-show Atmósfera, specialized in electronic music and art.
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