Zhao Dai Seaside

  • Venue
    Zhao Dai
    • Glass Hotel, Xin yuan Li Xi Street No. 19, Chao Yang District, Beijing City
  • Date
    28 Aug 2020
    Fri 17:00 - Sun 19:00
  • Attending
    • 1
  • ̸


    Africanah Laté (East Palace West Palace. Beijing) Aled (Beijing) Aymen (TAG. Chengdu) Cora (TAG. Chengdu) DJ灼灼 (AsiaDopeBoys. Beijing) Ewan (TAG. Chengdu) Frozen Lolita (Shanghai) HAO (TAG. Chengdu) Howell (ALL. Svbkvlt. Shanghai) Hyph11E (ALL. Svbkvlt. Shanghai) Illsee (All. Shanghai) Kai.F (Beijing) Kaize (Beijing) Knopha (Xiamen) Laughing Ears (Shanghai) Luxixi (Out of Fashion Boys. Beijing) Lyu Zhi-Qiang (Zhao Dai. Beijing) Mau Mau (Elevator. Shanghai) Michael Cignarale (Medusa. Elevator. Shanghai) Mickey Zhang (Beijing) OOPS2 (East Palace West Palace. Beijing) Ouyang (Beijing) Pei (ByeByeDisco. Beijing) Pocario (Beijing) Rasrankin (Guiyang) Shao (Beijing) Shy Beef (Oil. Shenzhen) Simon Frank (Beijing) Slowcook (Zhao Dai. Beijing) 苏维埃破普 Soviet Pop (Beijing) T.BB (Changsha) T.K.L (Zhao Dai. Beijing) Tutu (Beijing) Warmchainss (Oil. Shenzhen) White+ (Beijing) 吴卓玲 (Chengdu) XDD (Shanghai) Yang Yang (Oil. Shenzhen) Yihao (Shanghai) Zaliva-D (ALL. Svbkvlt. Shanghai) 致命摇篮死 (Beijing) Zhiqi (Zhao Dai. Beijing) Zong (Beijing)
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  • Zhao Dai Seaside 招待会 _ Like many other music venues this year, Zhao Dai was forced to shut down in January due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Festivals and parties worldwide have been cancelled with only a very limited number of venues slowly reopening. Likewise, we were only recently permitted to return to business. However, as a result of the pandemic, we sought after safer opportunities to bring together our rich community. As a consequence, we decided to embark on our first journey to the ‘outside’. In a time when indoor get-togethers have been characterized by utmost exposedness, the outside, outdoor or simply nature has become an important nucleus of community building. Thus, celebrating our community in a safe environment, we are excited to bring together over 45 DJs, producers and performers from all over China to the Golden Coast of Aranya. Located at the beautiful beaches of Qin Huang Dao, Zhao Dai Seaside is a three day hiatus with China’s most exciting old and new talents from clubs such as Zhao Dai (Beijing), Elevator (Shanghai), All (Shanghai), Tag (Chengdu), Oil (Shenzhen) and many more. For some years now, China’s electronic music scene has been growing to a large and rich community of exceptional music enthusiasts. While this year took a toll on many, the festival seeks to assert its importance and supports its constant growth. Join our journey! Be part of a last summer dance! _ For more detailed info please visit our Wechat account.
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