CYC:Extended *Dates may be Changed*

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    LOLSNAKE, MAAY, Vū, Oliotronix, Samin Son, .PK., Edwin Isnt, Yulav, Dj Hot Bi***, DJ Hristos, Sovtysik, Sisters Of Fortune
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  • *DATES MAY BE CHANGED*/ *DER TERMIN KANN SICH ÄNDERN* CYC is an event, focusing on experiments and variety of electronic music genres List of artists: Lolsnake (DJ set) MAAY (DJ set) Vū & PRVNTK(hybrid set) Oliotronix (live) Samin Son & Yulav (DJ Set + voice act) .PK. (DJ set) Edwin Isnt (modular live) DJ Hot Bi*** (DJ set) DJ Hristos (DJ set) Alexander Sovtysik (live) Sisters Of Fortune (live) + *SECRET GUEST* TBA later, check the news Our video art support: Zaj4onok (VJ, videoart, decoration) 111ynx (VJ, videoart) Poster made by: Laylarubii (digital art) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The links for artists works: Lolsnake MAAY Vū & PRVNTK Oliotronix Samin Son & Yulav .PK. Edwin Isnt Dj Hot Bi*** Dj Hristos Alexander Sovtysik Systers of Fortune Zaj4onok 111ynx Laylarubii HARD TECHNO, HARDTRANCE, HARDCORE, GABBA & experimental neighbors *There is a possibility of a date change. Please be patient, we try our best during these hard times.
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