Resonant 共鳴: A Day by the Riverside

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    Meiti Pier 美堤碼頭
    • Meiti Pier 美堤碼頭
  • Date
    Sat, 15 Aug 2020
    15:00 - 22:00
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  • Resonant 共鳴: A Day by the Riverside We have heard your wishes so here it is Resonant 共鳴 first open air day party at Meiti Pier。 Just 10 mins drive from Taipei 101, imagine a day by the riverside under clear blue sky accompanied by fresh river breeze. Dancing and laughing while watching the sun goes down. A perfect Saturday afternoon with all your besties. See you at the pier by the riverside. Location: M Club @ Meiti Pier 我們聽到大家的願望了,這是Resonant 共鳴在美堤碼頭舉行的第一場露天派對。 離台北101開車只要十分鐘,想像在清澈的藍天下,伴隨著河邊栩栩的微風,看著夕陽跳舞開心大笑的一天。 這是一個完美的星期六下午,與妳/你所有的好朋友在一起。 我們在河邊的碼頭見。 位置: M Club 美堤碼頭 DJ Lineup: Sean Kuo (Resonant 共鳴) Gazer (Resonant 共鳴 / Ankr 泊人) Max Huang (Ankr 泊人) Thomas Futoso (Micro/Wave, Yaji Project) Lemonfacer Regan (Cuckoo Music) Yuyuhan MiniJay Klosing (Evaporate) Neil (Evaporate) Venci (Evaporate) Sound System: Funktion-one Visual: Joe Wu & Six Flyer: Fabio River Entry covers (all the proceeds will go toward covering for venue & setup, sound & lighting, food & drinks): *18+ only event, enter with valid ID* *Cash only event, please buy vouchers at ticket booth to purchase food & drinks* $400 presale wristband with one drink (First 200) $600 at the door with one free drink With presale wristband you get to enjoy discounted drinks: $100 Tap Beer $150 Long Drinks, Wines, Bubblies $200 Selected brewery beers Without presale wristband or ticket at the door: $200 Tap Beer $250 Long Drinks, Wines, Bubbles $300 Selected brewery beers Food & Beverages: Dino Taco IKKI Seafood grill & bar Smack Y-ne Bar Lets Taco Bout it 美國隊長00 Where To Get Presale Tickets: 1. Message Resonant 共鳴 fb page to purchase your presale tickets. 2. Accupass: Directions to the riverside: Driving: Enter Meiti Riverside Park through Meiti Evacuation Gate 16. Find parking once you enter the gate and walk towards the riverside you will see a large container by the pier. MRT: Arrive at Jiannan Road Station (Brown Line). Exit through exit 3 and start walking south on Jingye 3rd road for 15 mins passing through Meiti Riverside Park Evacuation Gate #16 and eventually reaches the riverside where you will see a large container by the pier. [10 Survival Principles] A Day by The Riverside [10 條生存原則] A Day by the Riverside 中文請往下滑 1. Participation: Resonant 共鳴 is committed to a radically participatory ethic. We believe transformative experience can only occur through participation from everyone. Everyone is invited to interact with everyone. Let’s make 2020 better through actions that open the heart. 2. Immediacy: Immediate experience in many ways is the most important cornerstone of our community. We seek to overcome barriers between us and recognize our inner selves, the reality of those around us, our participation in the society, and our relationships with the nature. 3. Respect: Respect everyone. No prerequisites exist for participation in our community. Everyone is welcome. Resonant 共鳴 has the right to request anyone involved in illegal activities and fights, causing problems at the event or other guests, or showing signs of unconsciousness to leave the event. No refund will be issued for such cases. 4. Leave No Trace: Resonant 共鳴 community respects the environment. We are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. We clean up after ourselves, and endeavor, whenever possible, to leave all places in a better state than when we found them. Garbage cans and ashtrays are available all around the event. 5. Ticket Refund: No ticket refund unless the event is cancelled. 6. Purchases: All purchases in the event are carried out via vouchers. Vouchers can be purchased with cash from the ticket booth. There is no ATM at the event. 7. Not to bring with you: All outside food and drinks are prohibited. All drugs and illegal substances are prohibited. 8. Safety: Dangerous items or weapons such as knives, scissors, fireworks, sticks, clubs and etc. are forbidden. Swimming or playing in the river are prohibited. 9. All guests are required to have body temperature taken and fill out Health Declaration Form before entering the event. If body temperature is above 37.5 ° C we have the right to refuse entry. 10. Rubbing alcohol is provided and required at ticket booth for hand sanitation. All attendees are advised to wear a mask as required by the Taiwanese government. 費用: (所有收益將用於負擔場地和設置,喇叭和燈光,食物和飲料) (18+ 活動憑證) (食物酒水費用只收由票亭販售票卷, 票卷購買只收現金) $400 預售手環含一杯飲料(前 200位) $600 門口票含一杯飲料 預售手環可享有酒水優惠: $100 生啤 $150 調酒,紅酒,白酒,氣泡酒 $200 精釀啤酒 無預售手環或門口票者: $200 生啤 $250 調酒,紅酒,白酒,氣泡酒 $300精釀啤酒 去哪裡買預售票: 1. 由Resonant共鳴fb粉絲頁訊息我們購買預售票。 2. Accupass: 餐飲攤位: Dino Taco 一氣水產 Smack Y-ne Bar Lets Taco Bout it 美國隊長00 持續增加中... 交通: 開車: 開車由美堤河濱公園基十六號水門進入。進入後開始四周找車位。停車後朝河邊走會在碼頭旁看到一個大貨櫃屋。 捷運: 抵達劍南路站(文湖線)。 從3號出口出開始沿著敬業三路向南步行15分鐘,穿過美堤河濱公園基16號水門,最終到達河濱,在碼頭旁會看到一個貨櫃屋。 [10 條生存原則] A Day by the Riverside 1.參與:Resonant 共鳴致力於鼓勵大家參與活動中的所有活動。我們相信難忘的經驗只有通過每個人的參與才能實現。我們邀請所有人與所有人互動。讓我們敞開我們的心,使2020年更好。 2.即時性:在許多方面的即時體驗是我們Resonant 共鳴最重要的基石。我們尋求克服彼此之間的障礙,並認識我們內心的自我,周圍的現實,我們對社會的參與以及我們與自然的關係。 3.尊重:尊重每個人。參與Resonant 共鳴的大家庭沒有任何先決條件。我們歡迎所有人。Resonant 共鳴有權要求任何參與非法活動,打架,在活動中造成麻煩或影響其他人,或者表現出無意識的跡象的購票者退出活動也不提供退款。 4.不留痕跡:Resonant 共鳴尊重環境。我們承諾在任何地方都不會留下任何活動的痕跡。我們會自己製造出來的垃圾自己清理,並儘一切可能在活動結束後讓所有場地空間都比我們發現它們時更好。整個活動場地提供垃圾桶和煙灰缸。 5.退票:除非活動取消,否則不退款。 6.消費購買:活動中的所有消費購買均通過票卷進行。可以在售票口用現金購買消費票卷。活動中沒有自動提款機。 7.不隨身攜帶:禁止所有外部食物和飲料。禁止使用任何毒品和非法物質。 8.安全:禁止攜帶危險物品或武器,例如刀,剪刀,煙火,棍棒等。禁止在河裡游泳或玩耍。 9.參加活動前,所有來賓都必須進行體溫測量並填寫健康聲明表。如果體溫高於37.5°C,我們有權拒絕入場。 10.售票口提供並要求所有參與者擦拭酒精以進行手部消毒。按照台灣政府的要求建議所有參與者佩戴口罩。
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