Play4n4 Sunday Sessions'44

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    Alex Krell (Etruria beat / Sodai) Anton Vostok (Play4n4, Déclique) Dominicus Forgeron (Play4n4) Double Top (Pretty Much) Eric Paquet (Déclique) Jack Krass Live (Play4n4) Kamenskas Radio Dinamika (Karolis Urbonas x Tomas Pališkis) rundabund Live Katulis Momoko V Name-free Live NARTi OBCDN (The Meaning Of Rave) Phun Thomas Live (FSS Recordings) Rambynas (Play4n4) Rheeno (Déclique) Samanta Senkala SMPL SMPL Live (Play4n4) The Last 3 Brain Cells Time Signals (Objects Records) Vaiper Despotin Wolg We Are Lost | Music n Dance Performance
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  • In January of 2017, the first live stream from the studio happened which was called SUNDAY SESSIONS. At first, it was a melomaniac evenings which later become a party but it never lost its roots and main idea - Evenings for electronic dance music lovers locally and broadcast to everyone else. In more than three years Sessions traveled around many different places and is counting the second season in PERONAS. We broadcasted over 100 artists from Lithuania and abroad. Why Sunday? Why Sessions? Simple. Imagine it the way you like, but we state that it is a reflection of the Lithuanian DJ scene, we also state that it's a podcast with no curtains. You see the artist, you hear the music. We state that it is important to be inspired to inspire and Sunday as a weekday helps to bring Nightlife to daylight. We will create a never-ending weekend. For performers, artists, dancers, and all of those who created Sunday Sessions as we hear and see it every Sunday evening. The action will take place at PARKAS by the rails and in the hangar. Two days, two stages - four different shapes.
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