• SEQUENCE.101 (Year 4) Saturday, 15 August 2020 / 2PM - 12AM EST Live Stream Event: PROGRAM: Associate Damon Bradley Juana Ron Jackson Furtive Stream and Sound by 630 Radio Donations - Venmo: @SEQUENCEDC Paypal: ______________ Raw concrete, frenetic strobes, dripping sweat, baking heat, dingy basement. Light pillars, choking humidity, leaky toilets, police raid, hot warehouse. Glossy floors, dense curtains, peaceful oasis, posh revelry. SEQUENCE was born in the mid-August swelter 4 years ago. 3 times, we’ve celebrated the anniversary of something transformative and special. 3 times we’ve had the opportunity to take stock of another year of amazing community, incredible talent and music, bleary sunrise memories, and new frontiers. Most SEQUENCE anniversaries have fallen during intense moments in American history: The very first SEQUENCE, Year 0, was emotional and fraught, as we were hosting a rave at a gay leather club - just several short, agonizing weeks after the horrifying Pulse shooting. The thoughts of the lives lost at a safe place of celebration and expressive freedom hung heavily over us. Year 2 had us hosting the steamiest-ever warehouse rave on the weekend of a hateful white nationalist march on DC leaving event staff and security on the edge. We mark Year 4 during a pandemic of a new, weird, deadly virus during an already unhinged, exciting, and confusing year - a particularly strange year for Washington, DC’s tear-gassed city streets. These moments weigh on every event, and bite hard as we contemplate how to celebrate our own treasured experiences and spaces. This year was a challenge for not just SEQUENCE, but for the nightlife ecosystem the world-over. So we’re doing what we can to pull each other as close as we can: a livestream. A handful of people have put their all into making the SEQUENCE dream happen over the years as organizers and residents. For our 4 year anniversary, we’re putting our members, past and present, into the spotlight with a half-day stream, beamed out from our favorite DC warehouse perch. In lieu of ticket revenue, SEQUENCE will be accepting donations during the stream. All stream revenue will be split between 630 Radio and HIPS, a vital local organization primarily providing safety and harm reduction services and resources for and related advocacy on behalf of those engaging in sex work and drug use. Questions/Info - Email to [email protected]
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