eto ano pr. the sound of 600 leaving us

  • Venue
    • 1090 Wyckoff Ave, Queens, NY 11385, United States
  • Date
    30 Jul 2020
    Thu 18:00 - Fri 23:00
  • Attending
    • 1
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    Travis Brown (DJ) omaj (live) Ade Kassim (live) sspurgee & amyra (live)
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  • In this final week of July, the US is drastically changing again: the weekly pandemic unemployment assistance of six hundred dollars ends. At the peak of the pandemic, 6 million people filed for unemployment in a week. (link) Currently, more than 30 million Americans are unemployed still (link). Many industries and jobs in industries such as entertainment & parts of service still have no chance of safely opening on the horizon. Due to an arbitrary date set, the support ends for millions but the opportunities for financial stability still haven’t returned. US Congress hasn’t been able to pass a bill to extend or provide new benefits for Americans for months despite knowing when benefits would end. In the midst of this hyper-chaotic year, a semblance of financial stability has been an anchor for many citizens while we weather an unending pandemic stoked by the negligence & disconnect of our elected officials. This weekend, the Senate recessed so Senators can return home to rest. While they’re resting, a bill that supposedly would provide benefits citizens awaits, still not proposed. This indifference from our representatives about the dire situation they’ve left us in has created a special type of anger & anxiety in so many. This event brings together artists in hopes of speaking towards these feelings, in attempts to heal or attempts to address & affirm. The intent is to mark this week in history, by creating artifacts that remind ourselves and others of the position our representatives have put us in, we’ll never forget how we’ve been treated: with a lack of urgency & value for human life. Tune in via Twitch. If you’re in Brooklyn, H0l0 does have outdoor seating and will be projecting the performances on the exterior of their building. However, I ask that you think about what’s best for you & those around you before appearing in public. This model of broadcasting performances that H0l0 is trying seems like a viable one but it ultimately is up to us to respect each other’s lives & safety and not overcrowd / unnecessarily appear in public if not necessary. Donations via twitch are split 60 / 40 between the artists / venue. {Update: On Monday, July 27th, having waited until the last possible moment, The Senate proposed a bill that cuts down pandemic unemployment assistance to 200 a week until September and then would leave it up to states to provide additional assistance to their respective citizens. In this same bill the Senate, per the request of the White House, propose close to $2 billion for the FBI to build a new headquarters (Link) (Link) & $29.4 billion in funding for the Pentagon (Link). Additionally, there is no mention of hazard pay for essential workers.} --- Find Video Link In The Promotional Links Section ---
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