Aware Festival 2020

  • Venue
    Event Hangar Werneuchen
    • Alte Hirschfelderstr. 17
  • Date
    21 Aug 2020
    Fri 12:00 - Sun 18:00
  • Attending
    • 8
  • Lately, being and acting aware has been more present than ever. Spending time on your own, questioning, reflecting. Those who did not want to do that in the past, were now forced to. Now is the time to, once again, come together and exchange ideas. About the good and the bad. In the analogue, not digital. The Aware Festival considers itself to be such an aware gathering. Three days of camping, music and nature. Outside of the city, we want to enable an exchange of like-minded people. Not only through language, but also through music, art, performance and cuisine. A true synergy of the senses. In the last weeks we’ve developed a hygiene concept with the authorities that considers all regulations. Thank you, once again, to the authorities in Werneuchen for the trust and good cooperation. Please visit our website to find more detailed information about our concept.
  • Aware Festival 2020 - Flyer front
    Aware Festival 2020 - Flyer back