TNX & Hot House: Ascension

  • ASCENSION: we leave behind the carcass of an old world like a spirit lifted from a body that no longer serves. In this moment of elevation, ASCENSION is an audiovisual presentation to raise your energy as we raise funds for organizations on the front lines of transformation. Brought to you by TNX + Hothouse, this 10 hour odyssey will be a meditation on the past, present and future, featuring an array of DC artists and DJs. With sets/performances by (set times are rough estimates) 2P DJ Abby 3P Jacq Jill 4P Dee Clark 5:15P Majic Dyke 5:30 Diyanna Monet 6P Strikestone 7P Tommy Cornelis 8P Baronhawk Poitier 9P Outputmessage 9:30P Lisa Frank 10:30P Vjuan Allure 11:30 Juana Funds being raised for: LGBTQ Freedom Fund In the US, LGBTQ people are three times more likely to be incarcerated than heterosexual people. Over 40% of incarcerated women are sexual minorities. The LGBTQ Freedom Fund raises awareness about this issue and posts bail for low-income LGBTQ individuals. Nationz Foundation The Nationz Foundation in Richmond, VA offers a variety of free programs to the queer community including a food pantry, computer lab, HIV/STI testing, safer sex education, community building, support groups, emergency housing assistance, and more. Solutions Not Punishments Collaborative Solutions Not Punishments Co. is a Black, trans-led, broad based collaborative making big changes in Atlanta, winning campaigns that divest from the criminal legal system and invest in the community. No Justice No Pride No Justice No Pride is a local collective that seeks to end the mainstream LGBT movement's complicity in oppressive systems. NJNP provides a network of local safe houses for trans women, COVID-19 relief to DC-based trans sex workers, and more.
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