Living Room™ - 6th Anniversary All-Night Special

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    Studio: HEAVY (DRY&HEAVY) × O.N.O (THA BLUE HERB) – Live KILLER BONG (Black Smoker) -Live Olive Oil (OIL WORKS) 3 (90BPM Takeover) DJ Quietstorm NAO (Rural | Addicted Loop) ATSUKO SATORI (PALM BABYS) YO.AN (Hole and Holland) Contact: Sisi (Timothy Really Lab) Fushiming (Hole And Holland) DJ SHIGEKI (TIGHT) Mr. Tikini (FUNKTION) SISINOBU (ZUNDOKO DISCO) supported by ACME FURNITURE
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  • 『LIVING ROOM™️ 6周年オールナイト・スペシャル』 DJ Quietstormが豪華ゲストを迎えてソファに座ってプレイする第一火曜のマンスリーパーティLIVING ROOM™️が土曜のオールナイトで6周年を祝う。 THA BLUE HERBからO.N.O、DRY&HEAVYからHeavyの初東京ライヴ、加えてBlack SmokerはKiller Bongのライヴ、福岡代表Olive Oilなど強力なラインアップを用意。さらにLIVING ROOMオリジナルメンバーNaoの1年ぶりの参加、Palm BabysのAtsuko Satori、Hole and HollandからYo-AN、もちろんDJ QuietstormもStudio Xでのこの祝宴を祝う。ContactフロアではTimothy Really LabからSisi、Fushiming、DJ Shigeki、Mr. Tikini、Sisinobuといった狂乱のビートで攻め倒す。LIVING ROOM™️に携わってきた猛者達がこの日一同に会す。 「LIVING ROOM™️ celebrates its 6th anniversary with an all-night special」 The monthly party LIVING ROOM™️ , held on the first Tuesday of every month where guests invited by DJ Quietstorm play while sitting on a sofa, celebrates their 6th anniversary for an all-night party on a Saturday. Along with DJ Quietstorm, O.N.O from THA BLUE HERB, first live set in Tokyo by Heavy from DRY&HEAVY, live set by Killer Bong from Black Smoker, Olive Oil hailing from Fukuoka will be appearing as guests in Studio x. After a year break, LIVING ROOM™️ original member Nao will be joining for the celebration, as well as Atsuko Satori from Palm Babys, and YO-AN from Hole and Holland in the main room. Contact floor will be navigated by Sisi from Timothy Really Lab, Fushiming, DJ Shigeki, Mr.Tikini, and Sisinobu. All the players that have been taking part in LIVING ROOM™️ will be gathering for this occasion. Open 10PM ¥1000 Under 23 ¥2500 GH S Members ¥2500 FB Discount ¥3000 Door
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