Music Of Many Colours

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    Studio: Dazzle Drums (Block Party | Green Parrot Recording) Phenol (RICEBALL | yygcru) Kengo (Block Party | NO HOUSE?) -Dancer Session Show- FOOL (Freedom Liberator | VIBEPAK) Jasmine (Mnchr-m) Jona (Yaωaraka) KAZANE (LUCIFER) KEIN Kyo (VIBEPAK) MIKUMIKU (CHANCY | WAACK'n STORE) REI Rey (Bounce Back) UI しげたそうし (むぎちょこ) [Dancer Planning] million SITUATION Lighting: Machida (LSW) Contact: DJ246 (HYDRARECORDS) Gem (PALM BABYS) SHOWHEY HEAVEN (DISCOVERY) Foyer: [Art] Kei Nojima [Record Shop] Turntable Runamusica
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  • 『ダンスフロアから発する熱量と表現をカラフルに魅せるMOMC第9回目』 ハウスミュージック本来の多種多彩な音楽表現を詰め込んだパーティ、Music Of Many Colours。日曜夕方開催の今回は、コロナ禍だからこそダンスフロアから発する熱量と表現をストレートに伝えたい。今回のダンス・ショーケースはDazzle Drumsと即興で作り上げるセッションのみ。またゲストにはクラブジャズ/ディスコ/R&B/ハウスなど幅広い音楽性を縦横無尽にミックスし長年活動するDJ246と、ハウス/ディスコを軸にエッジを効かせながらラウンジからダンスフロアまで個性的な選曲するGemの2名。FoyerではTurntable、Runamusicaのレコードショップと、音楽のグールヴ感などをテーマにコラージュ作品を制作しているKei Nojimaの作品を展示します。 そして、東京を含めたローカル都市のダンスフロア/ダンスミュージックに関わる150名以上の方々にご協力を頂き作成したFanzineを、入場者全員に無料配布いたします。コロナ禍ロックダウン期間中に問いかけた、ダンスフロアに対しての思い、また、この状況下で求める音楽とは何か。簡単には導き出せない答えを探りながらも、このシーンが途切れずに続いて行くことへの願いを込めてお届けします。 ◎高校生以下 ¥1000(1D)で入場可能です。 ★本公演はGH STREAMINGにてライヴ配信致します。 「Feel the heat from the dance floor and the colorful expression of MOMC’s 9th installment」 A true house music party that is diverse and multicolored, Music Of Many Colours. For this installment that takes place early evening on Sunday, because of the difficulties we face due to the pandemic, they focus on the importance of the energy and expressions that come directly from the dance floor. This edition focuses on dance showcases with music provided by Dazzle Drums for an all-out session. DJ guests include DJ246, known to long-mix a wide range of genres like Club Jazz/Disco/R&B/House, and Gem, House/Disco DJ capable of selecting music with an edge for lounge and dance floor environments. In the Foyer floor, there will be a record shop set up by Turntable, Runamusica, and an exhibition of collages themed on music and grooves by Kei Nojima. We will be handing out our Fanzine, which we were able to accomplish with the support of over 150 people from our local members involved in dance music, to all attendees. During the time of quarantine due to the pandemic, it gave us time to reflect and think about the dance floor, as well as music under the circumstances at hand. A question that cannot simply be answered, but we feel it is of utmost importance that we continue to do what we do to keep the scene alive. ◎¥1000(1D) for high school students and younger. ●This event will be broadcasted live on GH STREAMING. Open 5PM - Close 10PM ¥1000 Under 23 ¥1000 Before 6PM ¥1500 GH S/G Members ¥1500 FB Discount ¥2000 Door 未成年入場可 | 高校生以下 ¥1000(1D)
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