Transmission 11 x Samedi Quelque Chose

  • Facebook link: Tune in Saturday night at: 18h: THE ONE TASH Tasha Anana 19h: ELLXANDRA (LIVE) Ellxandra 20h: STICKY DOJAH (NYC) Sticky Dojah 21h: SWEET DADDY LUV Lewis Braden 22h: DOC’TRIN Doc'trin 23h: SCOTT C. The Goods Soundsystem 00h: OMAR KRIVIT Omar Krivit 01h: NEONLICHTER Neonlichter ************************** Founded in 2017, Samedi Quelque Chose is a Non-Profit Organization aimed at promoting art and culture in Montreal. The foundation is best known for Sweet Boogie, an afterparty dedicated to Funk, Soul and Disco music. Fondé en 2017, Samedi Quelque Chose est un Organisme à But Non-Lucratif visant à promouvoir l'art et la culture à Montréal. La fondation est surtout connue pour Sweet Boogie, un afterparty consacré à la musique Funk, Soul et Disco. ************************** THE ONE TASH Whether over the airwaves, behind the scenes, or on the turntables, The One Tash is all about getting good music out to good people. She has commandeered parties at various establishments far and wide and produces 'Future Classic Radio' on CKUT FM with co-host Moonstarr. Expect a wide array of sounds where soul, bass and the boogie congregate. ELLXANDRA (LIVE) There is only one Ellxandra and she is...without question...heaven sent! Where to begin? She is a singer / vocalist / songwriter with the voice of angel, the style and grace of a modest modern-day diva, the intuition of a musical goddess and a golden smile that lights up every room she enters! Equipped with a microphone in one hand and series of keys and pads in the other, you can be sure that Ellxandra will bring the heat to your seat in the stream of this beautiful dream. Party! STICKY DOJAH (NYC) Sticky Dojah is a DJ and music consultant from Germany, now living in NYC. He is truly immersed in all things funky with an eclectic style of mixing many musical colors. His vinyl collection is more than 10000+ strong and features records from all around the world. He is the main force behind the “Soul Time In Manhattan” parties and is also a resident DJ at the Disco Tehran events. Being an avid vinyl aficionado, he is also in charge of everything 7" vinyl related at Human Head NYC and can be heard on The Lot Radio with his “Records Before Rent” show. He has shared the stage and performed with and for a variety of acts like Nils Frahm, Sergio Mendes, Qtip, The Whitefield Brothers, DJ Lefto, Redman & Method Man, Nightmares On Wax, A Guy Called Gerald, Jacques Renault, Schoolly D and many more. SWEET DADDY LUV When he started djing in 1994 he was just luv. He has since spun at a zillion parties (on a few continents), put out a few albums, performed live, helped run a handful of labels (including a 12 year stint at Ninja Tune North America), organized some parties and formed a jazz dj duo with Andy Williams (The Goods, Public Transit Recordings) called the Jazz Amnesty Sound System (which has a life of it's own after numerous festivals, gigs, tours and an installation at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal). Now he's sweet daddy luv and continues to come correct from deep within the Record Canyon underneath Montreal where he puts up weekly dj mixtapes at Almost 10 years in and over 370 mixes for the people. DOC’TRIN Doc'trin is a Montreal DJ, documentary filmmaker and high-spirited party animal who is frequently requested for his enthusiastic, eclectic and uptempo mixes (which are usually peppered with left field dance floor oddities). A few of his highlights include spinning at Piknic Electronik and 24 HOV as well as opening for Jellybean Benitez, Pal Joey, El-B, Max Graef and Jerome Derradji. He is also one of the core organizers of Sweet Boogie and holds down a four-year-strong weekly residency at Mangiafoco. At the controls, Doc’trin exhibits a clear passion for music, ensuring every event is nothing short of celebration of life! SCOTT C 'SCOTT C is a DJ and producer living and working in the creative hub of Montreal. After 25 years behind the decks, the appeal of bringing underground, burgeoning and forgotten music to the forefront has proved to be an endless pursuit. Scott has enjoyed a unique perspective not only as an integral part of Montreal's vibrant nightlife community, but as a music journalist and columnist for legendary MTL publications like The Montreal Mirror and VICE Magazine. As a versatile and well-rounded DJ, Scott C is known for having a passionate approach to funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, house and electronic music, with a special place for sounds from the Afro-Latin diaspora. Producing as The Incubator, Scott has contributed original music to countless Montreal collaborations over the years, while pushing ahead with open ears.’' OMAR KRIVIT At first glance, you might mistake OMAR KRIVIT for the King Crab that grabbed your kids at the mall. That definitely was not him. Pretty sure it was his evil twin. Plus you don’t even have kids! What are you craze? In reality, OMAR is the brainchild behind SWEET BOOGIE. Attending his parties is like being inside his funky-fresh mind! Not only is he one of the tightest DJs in the city, but his expertly-curated collection of “pancakes” are sure to destroy any platter they touch! This time he’ll be coming at you with that high-speed Chicago stuff! NEONLICHTER Growing up between New York and the Toronto suburbs, where they absorbed music and inspiration from the library music shelves and many late-night blog trawls, Neonlichter – born Jason Rule – cut their teeth on college radio in Hamilton, DJing before they could even legally take part in their city’s nightlife. Created both as a means to channel their growing love for all things dance music and to learn how to DJ, Jason started Astral Travelling and hosted it for 8 years, playing host to a number of local and international talents including Bradley Zero, Ciel, Karl Meier, Orphx, and Andi Hanley. A year studying in Leeds introduced him to a vibrant young scene they felt was missing at home, and inspired him to start a residency in Hamilton, later interning with The Bunker and WFMU in New York. A versatile DJ, they've opened for and played alongside the likes of David August, Gigi Masin, Mike Servito, Paquita Gordon, Scott Zacharias, Maria Minerva, The Revenge, and Jessy Lanza, while mixes for such established platforms as Brilliant Corners, Half Moon, Red Light Radio, and Mysteries Of The Deep showcase their knack for finding contrasts and polymorphic textures across genres.
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