Sound Open Air

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    ▌riverside Dash Lumiere [ Komiks ] Jesse [ Kave ] Fatty M [ Komiks ] Pablo Gardú [ Kave ] ▌boat Nur Jaber [ OSF/Berlin ] Andrei [ Filtr. ] Hrtl live [ Bűkko ] Yan [ Harmony Rec. ]
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  • Finally we will dance together again. Expect raw techno music and top-notch location. Altenburg was built in 1964 in a German shipyard and served for 50 years as a cargo ship carrying gravel on the Elbe and Rhine. Now it serves as an industrial club on the forgotten Vltava shore, where you can look forward to electronic music, breathtaking sunsets and a unique stage with a dense and clear sound. We are extremely pleased to present Berlin based Dj & Producer Nur Jaber originally coming from Lebanon. Nur Jaber is one of the most promising underground techno artists. Her cultural experiences and playing in venues such as Berghain and About blank have without a doubt inspired and enriched her music always having deeper messages and meanings. Atmosphere and art installations will be created by local artists and students. We kindly ask you to respect the hygiene rules.
  • Sound Open Air - Flyer front