Schmoozing with Soul Clap: Rich Medina

  • This week on Schmoozing we welcome Philly’s finest, Rich Medina. He’s a man of many styles and many interests and we’re going to chop it up about music, activism, dad life and live-streaming... Schmoozing with Soul Clap is a new, LIVE, weekly streaming show hosted by DJ/producer duo Soul Clap aka Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine. Produced in conjunction with the newly founded LOST RESORT online video network, the show combines new music discovery, the history of electronic music and DJ culture, with the banter of comedic/informative podcasts. Segments include: spotlighting new music from Bandcamp’s vast independent record labels, guest appearances from musical hero’s sharing experiences and deconstructing classic tunes, live musical performance, dancers, visual artists and much more. Soul Clap are famously known for their eclectic interests, and this show is a platform to let all that shine. From music to mindfulness, food to fashion, sustainability, politics and beyond, each Wednesday Soul Clap will schmooze it up, delivering a nugget of uplifting positivity and creativity so desperately needed to help you get over the HUMP!
  • Schmoozing with Soul Clap: Rich Medina - Flyer front