Bewegungsfreiheit - Digital Edition

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    Lux. Mareena Help4People Neukölln Hilft Among Us Ohlauer Supportgruppe Schlafplatzorga Borderless Collective Anti Deportation Café
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  • Activist party Bewegungsfreiheit has been fighting for refugee rights across Germany and wider Europe since 2014, and while their 19th edition can't go ahead at its usual spot, ://about blank, the show must go on virutally, with Lux heading up the online fundraiser.
  • How do you can watch the stream tonight at 8pm? 1. ALEX Berlin 2. via Bewegungsfreiheit on FB and crossposting partners 3. Backup Stream via Youtube On July 10th we wanted to welcome you to the 19th edition of Bewegungsfreiheit at ://about blank. Unfortunately, circumstances do not allow us to use our fundraiser as a solidary tool for publicity and communication at the moment. So we had to find new ways to support people with a story of fleeing their country. We are now shifting the event concept of musical finesse and cultural input into the digital world. The struggle of refugees and their supporters with authorities, the fight for documents, for living space and against repression is a gruelling reality of everyday life. The current pandemic situation pushes many even more to the margins of society and threatens their lives, both directly and indirectly. With this stream we want to give a voice to some important local, longtime activists and people affected by the pandemic and draw attention to our ongoing fundraising campaign. The evening is framed by two artists, whose musical orbit has always impressed us. Therefore we are happy that Lux (Berlin/Leipzig) and Mareena (Tresor/Unrush) will accompany the program with their sound. You can always support our fundraising campaign. All funds will be donated equally to Help4People and their partner initiatives.
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