Bubbles and Bass in Cyberspace 16.0

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  • Come dance with us and toast to the good life! Bubbles and Bass in Cyberspace is our weekly Sunday morning home, a getaway from the quarantine life, a church to celebrate the music we've grown to love over the past decade. Celebrate our health and insanity with a fantastic journey into bubbly basstastic soulful sound! Begin the first hours of the week on a high note with your closest-furthest friends. Each week we will be hosting four musical magicians to share in the joy. Because we are all about the family and community and committed to connecting, we will be supporting one community organization each week. We hope you will join us in dancing and supporting! Lineup: TBA 🌎 7am Playa Time, 10am New York 🌍 3pm London, 16:00 Berlin 🌏 10pm Hong Kong, Midnight Sydney
  • Bubbles and Bass in Cyberspace 16.0 - Flyer front