Lost Horizon Festival

  • Venue
    • The Internet
  • Date
    3 Jul 2020
    Fri 15:00 - Sun 03:00
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 10

  • From Peggy Gou to Pete Tong to Partiboi69, the crew behind Glastonbury's iconic Shangri-La are constructing a virtual festival that's packed with big names playing across four stages, with the added promise of hidden venues, secret headliners and plenty more to explore.
  • In this unhinged world currently devoid of human connection, Shangri-La decided to create something completely original, bringing people together through a new global platform for art and music… and most of all for FUN! LOST HORIZON is a deep multi-layered experience, filled with wild dance-floors, secret headliners, a visual feast of art and performance, hidden venues and some HUGE artists playing exclusively for you. Inside this Multiverse you can meet with your friends and make new ones, chat, dance and explore together, blag your way backstage or find a shady corner to hang out in. Fully customisable avatars will transcend gender, colour and the limitations of the body - be whoever you want for the weekend! Four Stages Gas Tower Freedom Stage Nomad Stage Shitv Supporting The Big Issue and Amnesty International
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