• House fans rejoice: with all-time East Coast legends like Louie Vega and Tony Humphries at the controls, this one's going to be pure joy.
  • The world has changed. Do we wait to be changed along with it? Or do we press the RESET button ? We’re the misfits. We’re the rebels. We won’t sit still and watch everything we love, everything we’ve built disappear. On Saturday, July 18th we ask you to join us and RESET NYC with A line-up that boldly reflects NYC and our history and top notch mind blowing production. We humbly ask for your donations to cover costs and help us make this a reality. A portion of the proceeds will be donated forward to a BLM organization to be named. More info here - https://www.futurestream.tv/NYCReset
  • NYC Reset - Flyer front
    NYC Reset - Flyer back