Collaborate Live Virtual Event

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    Entrepreneurs, coaches, industry leaders & producers of podcasts, radio shows and live & virtual events from around the world.
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  • Join us at a new live virtual event called COLLABORATE on July 9 to 11. Collaborate is a cutting-edge,results-oriented event created by the amazing event team at JV Insider Circle (JVIC), who also brought you the annual JV Experience(JVX) Summit, which is the world's #1 joint venture summit. See full event details, read the many testimonials and register at: This inaugural 3-day live online event will connect you with hundreds of top coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, program leaders & owners of podcasts, radio shows, and other live or virtual events, who are all interested in promoting your products & programs. You will also have the opportunity to: • Join the many Networking Circles and meet industry leaders & influencers from around the world • Get feedback and hone your pitches in front of small groups and live coaches • Have your products promoted by top players at the fun and exciting JV Shark Attack session • Learn valuable knowledge and proven practical tools from guest speakers • Get one-on-one coaching help to find more collaborating partners to promote your products & programs • And much, much more... Don't miss being the 1st cohort of this supercharged event! Register now at:
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