All Night Passion - Yemen Fundraiser - Live Stream 23

  • Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with more than 24 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. This emergency is going unreported by mainstream media!!! In the last 9 years, the Arab worlds poorest country has been devastated by an ongoing civil war, corruption, unemployment, famine and cholera. With COVID-19 now spreading rapidly, Yemen is facing an emergency within an emergency, which could affect more than 12 million children. Only one in three people have access to running water and even less to soap. Only half of health facilities are functioning, and many that remain operational lack basic equipment like masks and gloves, let alone oxygen and other essential supplies to treat the coronavirus. Many health workers are receiving no salaries or incentives. We kindly ask viewers to donate to UNICEF, who are on the ground providing supplies, including life-saving therapeutic food, safe drinking water and health care supplies. ----- Every Saturday 8-11pm (All Night Passion) Every Wednesday 8-10pm (guests)
  • All Night Passion - Yemen Fundraiser - Live Stream 23 - Flyer front