Howthelightgetsin Global 2020: Delhi, London, New York

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    Cosmo Sheldrake, Shadow and Light, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, The Revisit Project
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  • HowTheLightGetsIn is going global! We'll be streaming live events from Delhi, London and New York, so whatever continent you call home, you can check in to a wild event programme on your time zone's terms. Over the weekend 19-20 September, we'll be livestreaming over 200 events on eight stages, including folk, electro and world music acts, all-night DJ parties balanced out by stand-up comedy and mind-boggling debates and talks on everything from particle physics to patriarchy! In addition there will be a whole host of social spaces where you can meet other festival goers, chat to your friends and make new ones, talk over the events you've seen, bump into speakers and artists, listen to some great music together - and dance the night away! Earlybird tickets available now!
  • Howthelightgetsin Global 2020: Delhi, London, New York - Flyer front