Serialism & Meoko present: Save the Amazon Music Marathon

  • The underground music industry unites to: ‘Save the Amazon’ on June 26/27/28. As the destruction of Brazil’s Amazon accelerates due to illegal deforestation and forest fires, the 3 days live stream marathon ‘Save the Amazon’ aims to connect and inform international audiences about the current situation of the natural landmark through music and art. Meoko and Serialism Records will come together in the weekend 26-27-28 of June along with a team of worldwide celebrated artists and media partners, for the first edition of a unique and heart-felt musical marathon to raise awareness for the future of one of the world’s most vital ecosystems. During these troubling times, the pandemic has made it difficult for people around the globe to be aware of the latest development in the Amazon forest. Home to some of the last Indigenous Tribes and traditional communities, the world's largest rain forest is vital for keeping our climate stable. But with industrial exploitation and forest fires ravaging the region, the Amazon forest is facing unprecedented threats by a greedy industry backed by the present government. Now, with the double threat of fires and Covid-19, indigenous communities and many unique species of animals are in even more danger. Currently, the Brazilian Congress is close to voting a law derivative from the decree MP910, which allows people that illegally logged or squatted on protected federal lands before December 2018, to purchase such lands at reduced prices. This law directly relates to and fosters the practice of `land-grabbing´, which could lead to more massive deforestation. Imazon, (a non-profit environmentalist group) found that the measure could lead to a loss of an additional 16,000 square kilometers of rainforest by 2027. Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest rose more than 88% in June 2019 compared with the same month in 2018, and more than doubled in January 2020 compared with the same month in 2019. Indigenous tribes are in great danger, firstly because of the pandemic and secondly, with the political agenda that revolves around their habitat and land. It is time to connect despite our confinement and express our concern for the Amazon as one, the world may not recover from this catastrophic situation, we must act now. ------------------------------ Check the latest news on the Amazon on Imazon: -------------------------------- Concept: Serialism Records & Meoko Content: Anna S., Anna I., Daniel Ordoñez, Marcia Cilento Production: Francesco Quieti, Luca Albano Artwork concept: Fernanda Mattos Opening ceremonial prayer/meditation: Rita Hraiz ------------------------------- Media Partners: Buffete, Sydney AllaboutibizaTv, Ibiza Estilingue Filmes, São Paulo La Buat, Panama Soundscape, Brazil DanceTv, Global Eureka-Artists, Berlin/London Serialism Brasil São Paulo Quantamana, Bali, Indonesia First Night Festival, Vercelli, Italy Crop of music Radio, Italy Impress, Berlin D-EDGE, São Paulo Caduceus Studios, Geneve You Never Know, São Paulo Underground Peru 510k, Berlin Cognição Eletrônica, São Paulo Studio dB, Berlin Morning People Records, São Paulo / Berlin Bi:Polaroide, São Paulo La Tribu, Honduras Router Music, Ecuador RotoFest Cuenca, Ecuador Dance Relief Global Gathering, Puerto Rico Break & Sweet, Buenos Aires Argentina Rajatuca Underground Fest, Nicaragua Om Producciones, Peru Electrip, Colombia Oneway, Uruguay Sunjam, Honduras ------------------------------ Stay tuned on this channel to know more in the next days! with love..
  • Serialism & Meoko present: Save the Amazon Music Marathon - Flyer front
    Serialism & Meoko present: Save the Amazon Music Marathon - Flyer back