Host with Youry x Misty Penguin

  • Venue
    宀 Club
    • 4F, 279 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • Date
    Sat, 25 Jul 2020
    23:00 - 05:00
  • Attending
    • 6
  • Set-Time: 23h // 01h: Misty Penguin 01h // 04h: Youry 04h // Closing: Loose B2B 周六清晨四時,上環一處人山人海,身貼身,汗貼著汗,眼晴掃過的每個身軀都跟著音樂舞動,由Boy Harsher、Madonna「Bedtime Story」未發佈的混音版本、或是中東風味混上techno的舞曲。 Youry出生於八十年代末的安特衛普,是比利是EBM / Big Beat 的重鎮之一,從商的父親本是爵士音樂家兼製作人,中國柬埔寨混血兒的母親給予他亞洲音樂的觸覺。成長於音樂世家,真正令他愛上跳舞音樂的,是在九十年初於滿地可夜店Stereo親歷Akufen的演出,自此Youry開始收藏黑膠,發掘及擴充其音樂收藏。 2015年Youry的DJ生涯正式開始,開始踏足香港各夜店及音樂節,如Shi Fu Miz、Sonar和Acadana等等;2018年他成為宀的常駐DJ。宀是香港首間能與世界各大夜店相提並論的夜店,在宀Youry有充足的自由去建立他心中的all night long派對。香港正處於多事之秋,而人們能都在派對裡找到共鳴。風高浪急,但Youry決心已下。 當跨女Beatrice潛進了本土地下殿堂「雅高丹娜」的打碟聖壇後,DJ Misty Penguin便誕生了,而跨女的邊緣人身份讓她有很多(孤單)空間去鑽研不同類型的節奏。MIsty樂意讓自己陰或陽的一面隨心浮現 - 陽光的外表及生活態度驅使她播出令人慾翩翩起舞的感性拍子,於Eaton HK及宀 Gallery的舞池帶動出席者的身體。可是當她躲進本地techno堡壘OMA時,她便會化身為「陰音MIsty」,令人暫避現實,沉醉於techno的電音星際中。 4am on a Saturday at a packed sweaty club in Sheung Wan, body to body dancing to a range of sounds from Boy Harsher to an unreleased remix of Madonna’s “Bedtime Story” to Islamic chants over a marching techno beat. Youry was born in the late eighties in Antwerp in a background of the nascent EBM / Big Beat scene in Belgium. His father was a musician and Jazz producer turned entrepreneur, while his Chinese Cambodian mother gave him an Asian sensitivity. But he really caught his dance music bug when he saw Akufen playing at Montreal’s Stereo in the early nineties. Since then Youry became a vinyl addict, building up a meticulously categorised collection. His DJing career took off in 2015, setting foot at various clubs and festivals in Hong Kong such as Shi Fu Miz, Sonar and Acadana. Since 2018 he became a resident DJ at 宀 Club, widely regarded as the first venue in Hong Kong to be on par with the best clubs in the global dance scene. It is here that he earned the freedom to build up all night long eclectic sets. As the local situation gets more volatile, a party where people can feel free becomes more relevant than ever. The stakes are high, but Youry is determined. DJ Misty Penguin started life when transwoman Beatrice sneaked inside the DJ altar of local underground mecca Acadana and fondled the decks, while her isolated presence as a trans person allowed her total immersion in endless genres of rhythms. Misty Penguin plays around with the Yin and the Yang in her, her sunny outlook and life attitude pushed her to become 'Yang' Misty, playing sensual positive grooves to jack your body and has DJed for opening and closing parties at Eaton HK and 宀 Gallery. And only when she relapses into 'Yin' Misty will she occasionally play an intense set at local techno stronghold OMA, letting people temporarily escape reality and indulge in the cosmos of electronic beats.
  • Host with Youry x Misty Penguin - Flyer front