MUTEK.SF: NEXUS Experience

  • MUTEK debuts its online festival experience as its San Francisco leg pairs acts like Jasmine Infiniti, K-HAND, RP Boo and Patricia with visual artists while also incorporating short films, art installations and workshops.
  • NEXUS Experience is a groundbreaking online festival celebrating world class experimental electronic music, digital art, and film. Curated by MUTEK San Francisco and local arts, film, and music organizations, “NEXUS Experience” presents a mix of local, national, and international talent, elevating MUTEK.SF’s iconic festival offerings for a global online audience. Tickets are donation-based with 100% of proceeds going directly to the artists and can be reserved now at MUTEK.SF has announced an initial lineup of artists: AAAA (MX) / Auscultation + Jason Worden (US) / Drew McDowall + Florence To (UK/US + UK/DE) / Eichef (MX/US) / Force Placement (US) / Francesco Tristano presents: Pianorig Sessions (LU/ES) / Infinite Jess (US) / Jasmine Infiniti + Cozy (US) / Jensen Interceptor b2b Kris Baha + Multiple Man (Visuals) (AU/DE + AU/US) / K-HAND (US) / Marpi (US) / Minimal Violence (CA) / Nate Boyce (US) / Patricia + Josephine Ravitz (US) / Pelada (CA) / RP Boo (US) / Selim X (US) / Solar b2b Mozhgan (US) / Synthestruct (US) / The Creatrix (US) / Very Much Romance (US + BG/US) / YobKiss + Pankow Visual Artists (NL/US + RU/US) More artists will be announced in the coming week. NEXUS Experience will be presented in an entirely new digital space, designed and developed by the team behind Currents.FM, a project aimed at building broad grassroots support structures for the music community. Inspired by the safety, immediacy, and personal interactivity of physical club culture, the space allows participants across the globe to experience live performance in meaningful new ways, and support the artists they love via donations. It also fortifies the sense of gathering and group friendship by creating and sharing experiences in private rooms. Since launching in Montréal in 2000, MUTEK has become globally renowned, with editions in San Francisco, Mexico City, Barcelona, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, and Dubai. Each festival integrates local artists and cultural touch-points into its overall vision, encompassing marquee names in electronic and experimental music as well as up-and-coming artists across various media. It is a constantly morphing entity, influenced by (and reflective of) its surroundings. Official Website
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