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    Jhang yi Yakashi (Taiwan Techno Podcast) Yen (Soma Taipei)
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  • YEN 過去為腦內派對、現為SOMA TAIPEI派對組織推手,曾為沙羅曼蛇首張專輯的創始團員。 從舞場、商業演出DJ,其開闊自由的音樂舞曲類型展現在每個現場演出裡,並與友人們舉辦推廣Techno派對數年至今。 現場演出追求混音精準和美感⼒道,在這快速替換的世代中期望持續吸收,並保有⾃⾝身優雅的內斂品味。 同時熱衷與音樂創作,製作、發行電音實體及數位作品。 曾參與沙羅曼蛇首張專輯、獨立電音合輯(派樂黛唱片、Slot Machine Records等合輯),Techno廠牌Guangzhou Underground 廣州地下個人EP等。 As a electronic music lover, a dj and a music and sound producer who enjoy covering different genres of techno, house and breakbeat and love to get involve all things about sound. Start doing DJ to satisfy own passion of love of music 16 years ago, the vinyls and turntables only century. In 2008, The electronic band, Salamander, formed by Yen and Z received the judger’s award in 2008 from the most prestigious music festival in Taiwan, the 9th Hohaiyan Rock festival. This was a major breakthrough in Taiwan independent music market especially when electronic music was still in its embryonic stage. Salamander is commonly viewed as one of the pioneer dedicating to pure electronic music in Taiwan. After receiving all the echoes from the audience (and probably from his mind), Yen began his exploration in a systematic way to link his own music to the world. The sounds, notes and beats encompassed in his music represent how he interprets the dynamic connection among people, environment and phenomena occurring worldwide. During the journey of his exploration, the first stop is no doubt from his motherland, Taiwan. After finishing Bachelor degree in National Cheng-Chi University in Taipei, Taiwan, Yen accomplished further education in the field of “Music Technology and Sound Design” and “Audio Production MA“ in London in order to getting progress of the concept of music and sound. In 2011, Yen started to host and organize a series Techno party in Taipei, Taiwan named “Party In Brain”(2011-2014), which was one of the most well-known underground Techno party at the time. Meanwhile, Salamander released the first album “再生 (Regeneration)” in CD and Digital format which including various kinds of genre from Techno, Breakbeat, Progressive, Trip-hop and Hip-hop. Yen also had been invited to dj in many kinds of parties using his personal artist name Y E N. In 2014, the most famous underground Techno/House club “Korner” began operation in Taipei. Yen started dj in Korner constantly and host the party as the host of organization “SOMA TAIPEI”. (https://www.facebook.com/somaparty/) Beside monthly regular party in Korner, Soma Taipei also had invited outstanding Dj/Producer from all over the world, such as Paula Temple (UK), Soolee (Korean), Adriana Lopez (Spain), Mørbeck (German) to Taipei. As the one the most senior dj in Korner, Yen also was invited to play in many “Smoke Machine”’s parties and Organik festival in 2015. The first EP “Last Three Days” has been released by Guangzhou Underground in 2018, which including two tracks of YEN and remix versions by Yearning Kru [Planet Mu] and Tzu Ni. In his productions Yen tries to combine sundry elements related to Breakbeat and experimental sound with excursion to Techno structure. 台北出身。台北にてTechno Party「SOMA TAIPEI」主催。電子音楽に魅力され10年、国内で数少ない実力者として知られる。 DJに加えてProducerとしてアルバムリリースの他に、海外有名アーティストを招聘してのパーティー企画等、幅広く活動中。 幼少期より制作のベースとなる音楽理論を習得し、LIVEでは型破り且つ自由な世界観を表現することを得意とている。DJスタイルはミクロ単位の緻密さに美を加え、マクロ単位の世界感と力強さを共存させることのできる、台湾屈指のアーティスト。 今や台北を牽引するマイノリティかつ、アンダーグラウンドシーンに欠かせない重要な存在である。 ▉ 入場/ Ticket $500 at door ▉ 請注意: 1.本活動全程禁止錄音錄影,並配合人員檢驗手機入場. 2.必須在聚會上戴上口罩,我們將檢查您的體溫,並要求所有客人進行手部清潔和消毒,此外,請留下您的全名,聯繫電話,以方便編寫防疫書。 不便之處,敬請原諒。感謝您的配合。 Attention : 1.Please note that our activities are completely banned from recording. The crew will cover the lens before entering the venue. 2.It’s a must to wear a mask to the party, we will check your body temperature, and requires hand cleaning and disinfection for all the guest, further more please leave your full name, contact number, to convenience creating epidemic prevention book. We are sorry for all the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.
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