Mai Träumerei - Open Air

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    Till Antonio, RanzTheGlanz, xochi, DouglasBeaverton, Lisa Thaens, NasNan, KimCue, Mike Bukowski, Mikadoo, FBSN, LEATHERFACE, PHYSIO, Marc Moeller b2b Vanderveid, Syrap, CALLE, Alex Roman Kaschuba, Frank & Chevalier, Harmon, Ameli Paul, Lachs im Flur, Coronus, Ephraim, Careira
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  • [English below] => THE OPEN AIR WILL BE HAPPENING ON OUR WEBSITE <= April felt to have passed us by in an instant, spring exploded around us in bright colours and the world is still upside down after the last festival - what fits better into this crazy mix than a nice, down-to-earth and moderately escalating 1st May Open Air? ☀️🌴 Together with you we want to get lost again in playful and driving music, let our heads be turned and become one with the basses and sounds, melodies, chants and voices jumping around us 🌈 Having arrived in the collective livestream madness, we are very happy to let it really get loose with you on 3 floors again! With just as much verve you can of course let off steam in our wonderful workshop area and look forward to a, in the truest sense of the word, delicious surprise by the lovely Plant-Based collective 🍉 Also new is our cultural stage, on which Antikörperkultur enlightens us with fine cultural contributions ✨ Get ready and look forward to a playful interactive open air area with again many small, hidden easter eggs 🎉 As always for free, non-commercial & purely donations based ♥ Although we all are in different places, we will be connected through our passion for music and the beautiful space we are creating for all of us. We want to feel free within our own four walls and surround us with diversity and love, happiness and music. It is important to us to create and maintain an inclusive, safe space in which everyone feels comfortable and can express themselves freely, regardless of who they are. Therefore racism, sexism, xenophobia and all other forms of discrimination are not tolerated! Spread love and no hate ♥ #LeaveNoOneBehind
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