Black Coffee: Home Brewed 004

  • I'm on a mission from now until this lockdown is over to raise as much money to causes that speak to me. With your help, I've already raised well over 411k ZAR, but I won't stop there! This week, I'm teaming up with Minnie Dlamini, Jaguar SA + SA Red Cross to support their #FeedingSATogether initiative. Each of the food packs they're putting together for a small price can feed those in need for up to a month! Anything you can donate (link in bio) will go towards feeding families all around SA... no one deserves to go to bed hungry #WeAreOne #HomeBrewed ------------------------------- Jaguar Land Rover South Africa, the Minnie Dlamini Foundation and the South African Red Cross have joined forces to help feed orphans and the elderly around the country during the COVID-19 crisis. The non-profit #FeedingSATogether initiative has already seen 290 food packs delivered to schools, orphanages and old age homes around the country. The #FeedingSATogether initiative, has made the packs available that feed a child for a month and an adult for three weeks. Its contents include soup, soya mince, instant porridge, isotonic drinks & an MD hand sanitizer from Minnie Dlamini’s own line of personal beauty products. All donations will be used only for securing additional food boxes & hand sanitisers, which will be distributed by the South African Red Cross. The Red Cross will identify the respective orphanages and old age homes where deliveries can be performed safely and are most needed.
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