Glass: Opening Daytime Party (Social Distanced Rave) - Loods (3 Hour Set)

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    Loods (3 Hour Set) Tom Lythgoe Gilbo Glass Guys: DJ Hatz, Miles, RoomToo & Taylor Taylor
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  • NOTE: JUST SO EVERYONE IS AWARE SOCIAL DISTANCING MEASURES HAVE BEEN PLANNED FOR THIS EVENT TO ENSURE THAT IT 100% GOES AHEAD. As we have referenced in the past, our primary intention with Glass was always to start a series of parties that captures the main essence of Dance Music, with the aim to showcase DJs and Producers known on a Local, National and International level. We had originally planned to host our event in May but due to obvious reasons we have had to push this back to Saturday 5th September 2020. Us at Glass would like to make it clear that this date has been chosen based on advice given to us and we can confirm there will be social distancing measures to ensure your safety, we recommend that you come to Glass in a group of four or more, however we have also ensured if worse comes to worst, we have a plan to host the event at a later date in the year. There will be no tickets on the door for this event so please make sure you buy your tickets online! We cannot lie though, we have been itching to get this one out there. No matter what the circumstances are this is always going to be a party to remember, and we are extremely pleased to finally announce that our headliner, also making his Liverpool debut, is none other than Loods! The Disco, House and Synthwave mastermind behind a host of tracks featured on Trick, Shall Not Fade and Steel City Dance Discs. The Newcastle (Australia) born star now living in London is really starting to get recognised for his talent these last few years and is the perfect match for our first ever Glass party. We’re just as excited as you are for him 😝😝😝 Joining us in the warmup is Radium Liverpool Co-Owner and Resident DJ Tom Lythgoe, he himself is making waves with his parties in Liverpool’s Electronic Underground scene and is sure to be an electrifying warm up to the Aussie! Also on the roster is local selector Gilbo who has proven he knows his way around the decks from his Sweatbox days and is sure to provide a set full of blistering Balearic style beats to get the crowd grooving! And of course, the debut everyone’s waiting for... The Glass Guys will be going b4b to kick things off for the first 3 hours, make sure you all arrive early doors for that one ✌🏻
  • Glass: Opening Daytime Party (Social Distanced Rave) - Loods (3 Hour Set) - Flyer front