Club Quarantäne Weekender

  • With a lineup as good as this, it's hard to know where to start. Jayda G, Cashu and Ben UFO are just a few of the 24 DJs who'll be streaming as part of the virtual rave's second edition.
  • Times are in CET. Set times (CET): 22:00 Darwin 23:30 Zenker Brothers 01:00 Emma DJ & Lemaire 02:30 FJAAK 04:00 Akua 05:30 ROOG UNIT [Luke Slater+ Ø [Phase] 07:00 Tijana T 08:45 Cora (CN) 10:15 Colored Craig 11:45 Ben UFO 13:15 Ash Lauryn 14:45 D. Tiffany 16:15 Beautiful Swimmers 17:45 Byron Yeates 19:00 MoMA Ready 20:30 nd_baumecker 22:00 Diskonnected 23:30 Slikback 01:00 Cashu 02:30 Exterminador 04:00 Anetha 05:30 Dax J 07:00 Julianna 08:30 Jayda G House Rules: Racism, homophobia, transphobia and sexism are not acceptable in any club and will not be allowed as part of this virtual experience. No hate speech, bullying, trolling or hostility. Please respect each other. Clubs are a vital space for connection, pleasure and release—whilst we can’t physically get together, and dance and sweat in euphoria, join us online for the second edition of Club Quarantäne in the name of solidarity and compassion. If you enjoy Club Quarantäne and would like to help make more editions possible, please consider supporting the team behind the project with a donation. Please note: All ticket donations purchased on RA will be distributed fairly to the team who have built the virtual club. Club Quarantäne is brought to you by: 24 incredible DJs. Invisible Hand (Concept and Project Management) Sam Aldridge / Multisex (Visual Director & Coordinator) Maximilian Kreis, Jannis Szeder, Clifford Kent Sage (Visual Artist) Marco Land, Florian Zia & Vincenz Aubry (Web Design & Development) Jung & Dynamisch, 200kilo (Graphics) Dario Damme / Multisex (Creative Assistant) Countersubject (Mastering) Abcdinamo (Font) Toyah Siegel (Fundraising) No Service 24/7 (Communication) Off World Live (Interactive live-stream delivery) Resident Advisor YouTube Fonts by AbcDinamo The live-stream is using a new, interactive, 2D and 360 live- streaming system built by Off World Live. Everybody will be affected by COVID-19—its impact on club culture and the nightlife community being especially serious, all the elements of our fragile inspiring ecosystem are in trouble. In these trying times, we need to stick together to celebrate and support the culture we all love. If you can afford to support, please donate on our website. For the second edition charity partners will be focussed on supporting marginalised groups in the electronic music community, with a full list to be confirmed before the event.
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