Andrea (ILIAN TAPE) Ritorno Live Jam

  • Andrea to play Ritorno live from Turin and raise money for the COVID-19 crisis in Italy Friday 10th April at 9pm CEST Ilian Tape’s Andrea will be performing his debut album, Ritorno, live for the first time to celebrate its release and to raise money for a local COVID-19 charity helping on the frontlines of his home country. Streaming on Friday 10th April at 9pm CEST from Turin, the video will include a donate button with all proceeds going to Croce Rossa who have been working on the frontlines since the start of the COVID-19 alert. Along with there ‘Time of Kindness’ service for the most vulnerable, the CRI have been ensuring relief, health and logistical support, safely managing medical transport, providing psychological support and informational services to thousands of citizens. A portion of the album sales on the day will also be donated. “The Italian connection has long been strong with Ilian Tape given both Andrea and Stenny call Turin home. With the Andrea LP out today we wanted to rally our fans and raise some funds. Every bit helps. It wasn’t an easy decision to stick with the release date for this album, but we think that releasing it now is the right thing to do. Hopefully it will make it easier to deal with social distancing and to stay positive.” - Zenker Brothers You will be able to find the live stream on Ilian Tape and Andrea’s Facebook pages linked below. More information on Croce Rossa can be found here: