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  • Milan-based new platform AVANTGARDENING believes "the world is a garden, let's tend to it with unity, love and mutual support." That ethos feels safe, comfortable and reassuring right now. Tune in to be rejuvenated.
  • The world is a garden, let’s tend to it with unity, love and mutual support. Present times are said to be dark, but isn’t darkness the essential condition for light to shine? This deep societal transformation is an input to rethink our future together. AVANTGARDENING is an independent collaborative project made by a group of individuals. Our aim is to transform our communication tools into community ties. We believe we can use our network in a way that is useful in both feeling we are in this together and expressing solidarity with the most vulnerable ones. These past years have been increasingly saturated with a will to shift, to be more connected with our community and our planet to be more selfless towards others. Changing things seemed impossible: The wall was too high, our weapons too timid. All philosophical analyses kept ending up in dystopian theories. “It is easier to imagine the end of the world,” we were told, “than to imagine the end of capitalism,” and that was it. Now the world as we knew it has ended, and our very present is a blank page. We’re in the middle of a derealization process: we have no body and no face, touching each other is forbidden, and we don’t recognize what we see outside our window. We have no contacts, but we’re all connected. We live in a virtual reality. And we have infinite possibilities to imagine it. AVANTGARDENING is an online platform and stream festival, an invitation to embrace a change of paradigm and plant the seeds of a new perspective. We shall not surrender to fear, and instead take this opportunity to create positive platforms for change. We firmly believe in transformation and unity, love and mutual support as the most powerful weapons we have to change harming into harmony. It’s the right time to reshape interactions and transform uncertainties in chances of evolution. It’s time to build our future; a fluid and green future which exists only by including everybody. DON’T BE A WRECKER. BE A GROWER ***** We live in Milan, Europe’s first red zone. Our city and our region have been deeply impacted by the consequences of the virus. We are part of a network of musicians, artists, promoters, curators, activists, technicians, students, writers, dancers, performers, lovers, gardeners. Before all that, we are part of a social tissue that is jeopardized by forced distancing and disillusion. Our aim is to create a platform to raise money for the most vulnerable people in our city, the people who don’t even have a house to quarantine in. Avantgardening is a three-days event taking place on Twitch from April 17th to April 20th. The program features a vast array of performances; we want to embrace interdisciplinarity and create an exchange of media and languages. Our aim is to build a strong network and a new sense of collectivity embracing everybody. The artists are called to raise awareness on the consequences that this pandemic has on the most vulnerable. Each artist is invited to present content that interprets the present moment and gives inputs for a regeneration. Our Twitch stream will have a “donate” button directly linked to the Paypal account of the Brigate Volontarie per l’Emergenza Milano, a Milan-based organization helping those who are affected by the pandemic, from elderly to homeless people. To be part of AVANTGARDENING, you just need your computer, Twitch, and some will to grow your love garden.
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