LIVESTREAM - Light In The Attic & Friends At Home

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    Barbara Lynn Fred Armisen Michael Chapman Jarvis Cocker Gigi Masin Devendra Banhart Marcos Valle Jim James (My Morning Jacket) Sandy Dedrick (The Free Design) Inoyama Land (Kankyō Ongaku) Alex Maas (The Black Angels) Money Mark Lynn Castle Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) Leonard Sanders (Supreme Jubilees) Azar Lawrence Grant & Frankie Olsen (Gold Leaves / Arthur & Yu) Stephen John Kalinich Mark Lightcap (Acetone) Sessa Ben Gibbard
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  • LIGHT IN THE ATTIC TO STREAM LIVE CHARITY CONCERT LITA & FRIENDS AT HOME FEAT. PERFORMANCES FROM BARBARA LYNN, DEVENDRA BANHART, GIGI MASIN, FRED ARMISEN, MARCOS VALLE, LYNN CASTLE, JARVIS COCKER, AZAR LAWRENCE, JIM JAMES, MONEY MARK, INOYAMA LAND, GRUFF RHYS, ALEX MAAS, MICHAEL CHAPMAN, GRANT & FRANKIE OLSEN, SESSA, STEPHEN JOHN KALINICH, BEN GIBBARD, MEMBERS OF THE FREE DESIGN, ACETONE, AND SUPREME JUBILEES 100% OF ALL DONATIONS GO TO MUSICARES HELPING PEOPLE IN THE MUSIC COMMUNITY AFFECTED BY THE CORONAVIRUS WATCH LIVE ON LITA'S TWITCH & YOUTUBE CHANNELS ON FRIDAY, APRIL 3RD @ 4 PM PST LA: 4 PM / NYC: 7 PM / LONDON: 12 AM [SAT] / BERLIN: 1 AM [SAT] / TOKYO: 8 AM [SAT] / MELBOURNE: 10 AM [SAT] Los Angeles, CA (March 31, 2020) – In hopes of bringing some much-needed joy to the planet, on Friday, April 3rd, acclaimed archival/reissue label and distribution company Light in the Attic will be presenting a free, live video stream featuring new performances from legendary artists whose music LITA has re-released over the past 20 years, along with a handful of talented friends from the around the globe each covering songs from the label's renowned catalog. 100% of donations will be given to MusiCares, helping people in the music community affected by the Coronavirus. While quarantined at home – from Rio to Tokyo; Cardiff to Austin; Barbados to Italy – each musician will be doing what they do best, sharing the gift of song, maybe in their pajamas and maybe with their kids, and wherever feels comfy and cozy in the privacy of their home. Fans can tune in for free on Friday, April 3rd at 4 PM PST via Twitch and YouTube. Twitch - YouTube -
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