Set It Out's 6th Birthday with Chrissy [Murderbot]

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    Chrissy [Murderbot] Atki2 George Oscar
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  • For our 6th Birthday we welcome back Chicago born now San Fransisco resident Chrissy undeniably one of the most versatile DJ's on the circuit today. Chrissy has been releasing music since 2009 in that time has realeased everything from house and techno to juke and dubstep, on lables as diverse as Hypercolour Records and Planet Mu (OFFICIAL). His DJ style takes an even broader scope, his now infamous 'My Year of Mixtapes' involved releasing a mix, every week, on different theme, for a year and is definely worth wading through ( Seeing as it's our Birthday Chrissy has agreed to play a special extended set which promises to squeeze all of these influences in. We can't wait! In support we have long time friend of the night and DJ extraudiner Atki2 going back to back with our long suffering resident DJ, George Oscar. Tickets available from soon Headfirst Bristol.
  • Set It Out's 6th Birthday with Chrissy [Murderbot] - Flyer front
    Set It Out's 6th Birthday with Chrissy [Murderbot] - Flyer back