Bienaimer x PARAVIBE - Boat Party

  • Exclusive boat party, restricted to 120 people! First come first serve. Ticket holders only, you can apply for location map via WhatsApp! We expect this to sell out fast! Cloakroom provided, Card accepted. All questions answered via WhatsApp! The exact location will be sent to you via WhatsApp at 9pm on the night (be sure to register link below). This party has a limited capacity! Please arrive early! ** Following the current guidance on COVID19, which is that the government want to slow/delay the spread, and are advising anyone with a cough or fever to isolate themselves from the rest of the public, we would like to remind you, that if you are feeling unwell you should stay at home** We really don't need to say much more! The music will be phenomenal as with all our parties! Wear a smile, some comfortable dancing shoes and expect the unexpected! Register with BienAimer here: Register with PARAVIBE here: We are both members only parties so make sure you have registeredif not already a member! We do not share our party locations publicly! If you are not not a ticket holder you will not be able to enter. All info and locations are sent directly via our WhatsApp network.
  • Bienaimer x PARAVIBE - Boat Party - Flyer front