• 🔥 Gathering #001 🔥 11 Hours :: 2-Floors :: 10 DJs ⚡ That was the moment —as he danced and totally immersed himself in this music— sparks of enlightenment went all through his mind… Eureka! A brief, yet immense feeling, touching the ground of our being: selfless, fearless, infinite... A micro taste of utopia... ⚡ 💫 Register on our Friends' List for Reduced Entry: 💫 http://bit.ly/microtopia001 (LIMITED availability) »» Full Price: €10 / Friends' List: €5 till midnight; after €7 «« “Focusing #minimal and #underground, yet not bound by any genre, this new series will feature a wide array of music that goes beyond commercial tech-house / techno...” ⚡ Was this the Universe whispering his new mission? Oscar Wilde must be right — Utopia couldn’t be a simple destination. Building the vessel where beautiful souls gather around this magical sound would be the path to its realization... And so, “microtopia” journey began. A journey of timeless music, quality people, and always good vibes. Utopia — here we come! ⛵
  • Microtopia - Flyer front