House OF Kenzo, Authentically Plastic, Bonaventure, Endgame, Ledef [CANCELLED]

  • [CANCELLED] // we're working on inviting all artists soon again HOUSE OF KENZO AUTHENTICALLY PLASTIC BONAVENTURE ENDGAME LEDEF HOUSE OF KENZO don’t give a fuck. Once the dolls are let loose there’s no tomorrow. Break a heal or die trying. Prep for an unhinged abyss of red lights in the mix and a performance only texans can deliver. Multidisciplinary artist, performer and Nyege Nyege affiliate AUTHENTICALLY PLASTIC shines through a juggle of genres, tapping into fields of Ballroom, UK Bass, Gqom and Kwaito, all combined under the premise of being ‘out there’. Try pinning down BONAVENTURE and you’ll know discover the true meaning of lagging behind. This one’s hungry and inevitably unstoppable, sharp on productions and kicking it hard on the decks. She’s a traveler and a lover and a true gem all over. This could almost count as the Berlin debut of ENDGAME because whoever is capable of carrying memories from 5 years back, is probably too good at ‘life’ and should certainly not enter the gates of Traumabarundkino tonight. Sinners to the front, we’re not playing around. Main princess LEDEF left us stunned last fall for Ziúr’s ATØ event and is surely gonna spark the sorta buzz, only moths chasing a candle can relate to. Tonight she’ll weave an additional DJ set around the HOK spiral. - questions?
  • House OF Kenzo, Authentically Plastic, Bonaventure, Endgame, Ledef [CANCELLED] - Flyer front