[CANCELLED] Astral Undertones presents Luigi Tozzi (Hypnus Records)

  • -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Saturday, April 18th... Astral Undertones welcomes the swirling emotional sounds of Italian techno maestro Luigi Tozzi for his Chicago debut. Luigi will play a three-hour set and is joined by Brooklyn up-and-comer/TechnoFist affiliate A.M.D. Local support from Hummingbird, who will be playing a rare deep techno set, and AU-resident Jack Thornhill. TBA underground location. 21+. Event details will be emailed to advance ticket holders ONLY on the day of the event. Mind-bending frequencies pumped by Traction Sound. Immersive space transformation led by Rae Clatch. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Luigi Tozzi [Hypnus Records, Outis Music, Mental Modern / Italy] https://soundcloud.com/luigitozzi Luigi Tozzi has calmly cemented his position as a leading DJ & producer of the deep techno scene for his distinct brand of techno that merges the sound of hypnotic techno with organic grooves from ambient and dub techno. Raised in Rome, he takes influence from the timeless Italian sound, which he’s further developed with an emotional, swirling, dubby atmosphere. There’s an unmistakable texture to his productions. While prolific, Tozzi has kept his output within a close family of labels. Swedish label Hypnus is key here, having released a large number of the producer’s EPs as well as his acclaimed debut album, Deep Blue: Volume 2. Alongside Hypnus, Tozzi has worked closely with Mental Modern and Outis Music, releasing both solo as well as collaborative work with the label’s founder, Dino Sabatini. Tozzi’s unswerving commitment to his sound, alongside his pensive and considered development as an artist has brought him to where he is today, with a touring schedule that’s taken him to some of the finest clubbing establishments around the world. Within this, he maintains a residency at Khidi, Tbilisi, which in recent years has emerged as one of the best clubbing destinations in Europe and is often coined “the new Berghain”. It’s through this platform that he brings his unique hybrid sound as both a DJ and producer, and can evolve and experiment as an artist. Other notable events that have seen Luigi capture hearts and mind include Parallel festival, Waking Life and Modem. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- A.M.D [TechnoFist / New York] https://soundcloud.com/amdtechnofist Senegal-born, New York-based DJ A.M.D is a master of energy. An affiliate of EXILE Brooklyn and TechnoFist, anyone who's seem him at the helm of his home base at Bossa Nova Civic Club (or anywhere else) knows him for his precise, narrative-driven mixing, whether he's building up from an ambient dreamscape or hammering it out at peak time. Within the hypnotic strain of techno that too often risks feeling monotonous, A.M.D's ear for unique melodies and textures stands out. Over the years, he's been able to play alongside such names as Ness, Claudio PRC, Ansome, Sophia Saze, Setaoc Mass and FJAAK. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  • [CANCELLED] Astral Undertones presents Luigi Tozzi (Hypnus Records) - Flyer front